Amsterdam waiting

2011, Photography

The weekend before I went with a friend to Amsterdam with two objectives. First to see a W. Eugene Smith exhibition and secondly to do some street photography. The exhibition was amazing and it proved so well why Eugene Smith is the master of the photography essays. But for street photography it was even better. We come from the province so Amsterdam is full of action and good opportunities. The process of observing, understanding, to see intimacy, and learning to find the moment, is fantastic and one of the great charms of street photography to me.

When reviewing my photographs from Amsterdam I again noticed how often we wait. And the waiting moments can be very interesting.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

8 thoughts on “Amsterdam waiting

  1. yes W…your Back
    in Fine Form on the ‘Street’
    Great Set….
    Waiting is always Fun
    and falling upon or into that Moment when You Click

    Is this the GXR or the GRD3
    Best to YOU

  2. Mooie sprekende foto’s vanuit het Amsterdamse! Vooral de foto van de tramhalte in de Leidsestraat. Je treft het niet als je de grote steden bezoekt he qua weer!

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