week 1 | 2011

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In my last post I mentioned I wanted to try photographing everyday for at least a couple of months. I have just completed my first week and I must say that it was at times pretty difficult. It started cold and finished warm with quite a lot of rain. And I hardly saw day light so either had to photograph indoors or in the dark. Finding interesting subject isn’t really easy either, because I hardly see people on my daily travel to work. I have to say I was glad I used a camera that performed a lot better in low light than my own cameras.

The Sunday started with decent weather although it was cold and windy. Made a bike ride with my daughter and stumbled upon these sheep’s in beautiful Dutch light (not to be confused with Dutch delight of course).

It was late and dark when I left work. It was however the first and only chance to photograph that day. I found some light and people passing by at a bus stop. The photograph was taken at ISO 1600 and processed with Nik Silver Efex Pro and Alien Skin Exposure 3. You might wonder why I use two plug-ins that since both can do amazing black and white conversions. I think Silver Efex Pro is very good for localized changes with their U-point technology. Besides that the structure slider works wonderfully to add more local contrast. I do however prefer Exposure 3 for adding the grain, vignette, and final tonal adjustments.

Had been experimenting with the 28mm and self portraits Tuesday night. Come back home late from work and it was just too dark outside. I kindly received a mail from WordPress with some statistics from the previous year. I got around 140,000 views in 2010 even though I posted less articles for obvious reasons. I also like to thank those readers who supported my blog with their Amazon.com purchases. Thank you so much.

Wednesday was a special day. My son had his birthday and turned 10. He was very proud since he now finally had a two digit age.

I thought it couldn’t get darker, but Tuesday was terrible. A lot of rain, increasing temperatures, puddles all around me, and some remaining ice on the road. Despite the hazards I tried to have some fun with the Ricoh GXR. ISO 1600 and a lot of noise. I mostly used the 28mm by now. First the perspective is very familiar. And secondly it is pretty responsive too. Next week I will be using the 50mm exclusively so I can finish up my writing.

I made a walkabout from work to see some street scenes. Some preparing for Amsterdam the next day.

Went with a friend to Amsterdam for some street photography and to see a W. Eugene Smith exhibition at Foam. The shooting was actually quite good (more about that next week) and the Eugene Smith exhibition was very impressive.

The photographs of this ongoing project will also be updated here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


11 thoughts on “week 1 | 2011

  1. i love your puddle!

    if that is a puddle… whatever it is, it’s gorgeous! good to see you having some fun 🙂

  2. hej Wouter! Mooie boodschappen in je blog weer en vooral herkenbare en fraaie foto’s! Leuke is ben zelf ook een semi-dagelijkse tocht begonnen, inmiddels 9 dagen onderweg en werk alléén met de zgh. plastic fantastic van Canon de f/1.8………idealiter ook iedere dag een foto, alleen ik loop een dag achter of wel de foto van maandag is zondag gemaakt, dat terzijde! In elk geval, ondanks dat je blog ritme iets lager is nog steeds in van de interessantere om te bezoeken voor me….dus keep up the spirit! //Dave

    1. Hey, bedankt Dave! Ik ben benieuwd naar de vorderingen van jouw project. Voor mijn uitvoering is het belangrijk dat ik elke dag een foto maak i.p.v. elke dag een foto te plaatsen.

  3. Dark mornings, dark evenings and the bit in the middle at work, but you’ve still managed a very impressive set of images! I’m inspired by the bus stop and the bicycle picture. Thanks!

  4. These darker and more dreary days seem perfect for your high-contrast, grainy b&w photography. While it may not be the sort of weather you want, it does lend itself to your style (I think).

  5. Good luck with you project Wouter, this is a very good start to it.
    It’s not easy however to keep always motivated and sometimes find the time to take a picture every day, especially in the winter months. But as long as you keep yourself motivated you will always improvise something.

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