New year, new plans

2011, Photography

I have actually no idea how to start or how to plan this. But to fire my inspiration I thought about at least taking a photograph a day. In some way a 365 project or maybe at least for one or two months. And I don’t plan to do a blogpost every day, but at least once a week.

(I removed a previous post. I was just not too happy with it.)

In the meantime I wish you all the best and amazing light for 2011!

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

12 thoughts on “New year, new plans

  1. I recently finished a 50 days project (initially I wanted to do a 50×50 project – take a picture every days during 50 days, using a 50mm lens – but when I realized that would not be able to carry a dslr during the whole 50 days, I decided to change that to a plain 50 days project) and it was both an inspiring experience as a true burden.

    On the one hand it urged me to grab my camera, go out there, and take pictures. Therefore I shot photos that I otherwise wouldn’t have taken. But the downside was that I got really stressed. Every day I woke up with the one though in my mind: “Oh shit, I have to take a picture today”. The end of the year was quite a relieve for me. So I will never ever undertake a 365 project. However, I you do so it will certainly bring you interesting pictures and new experiences, and I will most certainly keep track of your efforts.

    In case you are interested: this was my 50 days project:

    1. I for sure won’t do everyday posting, maybe once or twice a week. And I probably won’t do a proper 365 project either. But it will be a good effort for me to at least try for a couple months.

      I will check your link later today.

  2. All the best for you as well, Wouter.
    maybe I don´t write you, but I follow your thoughts every time you share them. Always interesting issues, always wonderful pictures. Today the colors and the light of the second one are just amazing.
    Health, love, work, and good light for 2011!

    1. All the best to you too Emilio! I have to admit that I like the GXR a lot for color. It probably has to do with the finer tonality and the photographs being more robust.

  3. touching pictures Wouter with nice light

    Ok, we played outside at that age, or with Lego. But if we had Nintendo’s at that age we would be Nintendo kids too

  4. Leuk project Wouter,
    De foto`s van de eerste week smaken naar meer. Ik kijk uit naar de wat er nog komt. Gelukkig duurt het jaar nog even. Ik hoop dat je je project voortzet.

    1. Het is nog te vroegen om het nu al te beoordelen, maar na deze week ben ik wel tevreden. Het was nu al geregeld moeilijk. Lange werkdagen, geen daglicht en slecht weer. Het is dus toch hard werken en ik wil geen rotzooi maken.

      Ik heb er echter wel speciaal een site voor opgezet, dus zou het wel zonde zijn als ik er mee stop.

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