November rain, well sort of

These photographs were actually taken in October, but the weather seems to be the same. It is autumn and last weekend we entered the winter time. It is dark and rainy here. Little time to photograph, but some time to experiment with my camera.

I am still wondering how to achieve the high contrast B&W look in-camera with the Ricoh GR Digital 3. Ricoh seems to apply a a lot more contrast than possible through the normal B&W settings. I tried the Panasonic LX3/LX5 style with their dynamic B&W setting which is a very warm white balance and green tint compensation. Ricoh however restricted their warmest white balance setting to the cloud white balance which is only half as warm as Panasonic´s option. There is however a need trick to get both a photograph with the high contrast B&W setting and a color photograph without these additional contrast. Both photographs will be jpeg, but you still have a normal jpeg when the high contrast might be a bit too much. Set the camera in scene mode, press the menu button, and select Hi BW. Instead of just selecting OK, press the fn1 button, go down in the menu and change the default setting for Plus Normal Shooting into On. That is all. And now two jpegs will be recorded, one with high contrast and one normal color jpeg.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma