New post/firmware Ricoh GRDIII

2010, Photography

It took my a while (I know), but I learned quite a lot about my photography in the last weeks. I needed some time to evaluate it, to better understand what I want, and how I might want to achieve this.

In the meantime Ricoh announced a new firmware update for their Ricoh GR Digital 3 which can be found here. They included two new scene modes, high-contrast B&W and Cross Process. Both are actually pretty cool and I like them a lot. See the examples above and below. These were only resized and slightly sharpened. Other new feature is the manual focus magnified ratio. Default was 2x, but you can now also select 4x. The remaining features is a delete option for the key custom settings and my settings.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

19 thoughts on “New post/firmware Ricoh GRDIII

  1. I like them! They are very “wouter” but with a new light.
    I also like myself the, less computer more camera work, philosophy.

    best, ronald

    1. I really like the flow of the series Inigo. Some of the look throughs are just amazing and all images have a rough and distinctive look. And all very different from the typical Dutch view I see in Ede.

      I am pretty sure that Ricoh won’t develop a new 40mm lens for the GRD3 (unfortunately). I tried the 21mm last September and really liked it, but had high hopes that they would produce a 40mm lens (although a 35mm lens would be fine too).

      1. Thanks for the feedback Wouter. They look pretty much better on paper but I’m very happy with the serie.

        It is a pity because I also had hopes about a 40 mm or similar for the GRD 3. It is just the most comfortable camera I’ve had. The only problem is that the highlights get burned very very easily.

        BTW, I really like the texture of that photo with the guitar. 1600 ISO and high contrast? The grain looks great there.

        Also in those pics from Jorgen the grain is beautiful. The one with the white rock works very well for me.

        1. Yes, highlights block easily, but the camera has a small sensor with limited dynamic range.

          The new high contrast B&w scene mode is pretty good. Tried it yesterday again in Utrecht and it works really well. You have to be even more careful with hoghlights. The contrast is much higher than the typical maximum contrast of the in-camera B&W setting.

    1. Regards in return from my dog Mickey. He is a West Highland Terrier and male too. Not sure how open minded your dog is, but I have to tell you that Mickey is castrated! LOL!

  2. Wouter thanks for the heads up on the firmware , mine was still on the original version 1.1 doh! Love the examples you’ve posted, cant wait to try them. I still love using the grd 3 and have been shooting with far more variety in relation to iso and colour settings, to my shame I’ve only just found the text and DR mode, just love the text option, all in all very liberating and I have you to thank for that..Do pop over and check out some of the posts.

  3. Glad to hear that you’ve recovered, Wouter! A superb series, once again. I especially like the unique viewpoint of your living room window “filtered” by your terrier’s fur.

  4. Hello Wouter,

    my favorite picture is number five. I love it.

    I lost my Ricoh GX, sometimes … happens and so i am waiting for the next genaration GRD, or perhaps looking for a GRD I in mint conditions.
    Time will tell and in the meantime i am lucky with the DP2, because about 41mm is my favorite focal lenght. And in the end, it’s all about photography.

    All best, titus

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