When least expected

2010, Photography

Now the summer has ended I start to recognize the usual symptoms of lack of inspiration again. Unfortunately though these moments come when you least expect it. I say recognizable, because it pretty much always the same seasons. While I do like the summer I actually hate it for my photography. I just don’t like all the greens (I don’t live in a city or nearby the sea). But when the summer ends there is nothing. Nothing that interests me.

I need that break and can only wait for the autumn to arrive. I just never know how long it takes.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

10 thoughts on “When least expected

  1. Sometimes the easiest way is to accept the feeling.

    Trying to understand it is adding to the misunderstanding.

    Enjoy the winter with all other interesting thing: books, music, boardgames with children, hot chocolate


  2. Enjoy the indian summer: take a walk, do a bycicle tour in the few sunny, warm weekend-days left this year, enjoy the photo-not-shot. Projects may take a while to mature in your mind, they need some hatching to be sharp enough to be named; don’t doubt your source of creativity and let it surprise yourself in a few weeks.

    This sunday half of the Dutch motorcycles seemed to enjoy the dykes, together with byciclists and some pedestrians; enjoy before you shoot them.

  3. Fallow periods… essential for the mind to recuperate, the body’s batteries to recharge. My way of dealing with such times? Go with the flow, enjoy it while it lasts.

    Love that second pic!

  4. the autumn colours around you should be getting good about now… the canon captures nice colour – but sometimes colour works best when toned down – loved the subtle colour of the pic of your daughter – i can see a nice series combining the forest shots with a subdued faded palette….

    just a thought


  5. When my inspiration is low, I rest my photography for a while, I travel light, taking only my GRD, which only has one lens. Sometimes I even take a camera with me but don’t even use it. Perhaps do some research and read some photo books, there may be Summer photo inspiration in them and you may feel compelled to try something new.

  6. Thank you all. I won’t push it and inspiration will get there Matthew. Like Ronald says it is something I just have to accept. It probably comes with the fact that I have been photographing in the summer (although this summer not so much), but it takes maximum effort. It probably just pushes me too far.

    I do recognize it when I want to take the camera with me, I see interesting things, but my photographs are not up to what I expected. I agree Hans and Mike, taking time and enjoying the last sings of the Indian summer. It is just that autumn brings new opportunities. Yes, the colors are wonderful Kevin, but for me the fact that trees loose it leaves is much more significant to me.

    I scuffed the web Tim, but when I lack inspiration I don’t see inspirational photography either. It will come, just don’t know how long it takes.

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