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As a photographer determined to explore, to learn, I realize that sharing my photography and musings makes me vulnerable sometimes. Even though I hit some bumps while blogging about photography I still very much love the entire experience. Met great people, read fantastic blogs and saw wonderful photography around me. Exploration is in my opinion the key to the excitement and joy.

Even though I photograph mostly B&W it doesn’t mean my vision, perspective, and feelings are B&W too. I am open for anything. In fact I want to give color photography a new chance (used to shoot slides for more than a decade). I want to write more about these deliberate decision makings. I like it to be definitive when I take the photograph and not deal with it later in my post processing.

Even though I don’t like the over emphasize on gear on the web I will not stay away from it either. Not only in oh and ah (new is often not better), but write more on how gear can influence your photography. In fact, I am at the point of acquiring a new camera. More about that soon. And of course Photokina will start next week, so a lot of new stuff will be introduced too, but is it always up to our expectations?

But most importantly the photographs and the moment excite me and I want to write more about that. Tutorials on post processing can be found anywhere. The same for more technical related stuff on exposures and compositions. These sure helps to take better photographs, but there is always more than meets the eye.

I am also looking for chances of collaboration with other photographers, working together on projects. Last year we tried sharedphotography, but time was not on our side. I still believe in collaboration and hope to explore more that more.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

18 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. Wouter, yours is a great place to be visited by anyone who loves photography.
    You don’t use to focus on the technical side of it, or in reviewing gadget after gadget for the photo-geeks around. You always focus on the eye, on having a fresh look for anything around to face our lens. Postprocessing or any other technical stuff is second place.
    Enjoying your work, and sharing your eye in some way, it’s what brings me here.
    Hope you’re recovered from your back issues.
    Will love seeing you around anytime, anyplace, but always at least in your most enjoyable blog and flickr albums

  2. The hard part is not knowing how much fun the reader has reading your blog posts, watching the pictures…

    I’ll give a hint; I really enjoyed this one, it suits you more than the darker post of yesterday!

    Have fun out there

  3. Wouter, I must ask one question. Why?

    Why are you buying a new camera?

    Sorry just thought of another question.

    What will the new camera provide which your existing cameras do not?

    I know I sometimes get the itch to get a new camera, but then I go out with my Nikon D40 and it puts a smile on my face and I realize it provides all I want. Having said that while this year I haven’t bought a camera I have bought two lenses a 55 ~ 200mm and a 100mm macro.

    1. I like the GRD3 for what it is, but at times I want to explore different territories. The 10D helps me with that, but I there was a reason why I sold my SLR in 1996 and I am reminded of that every time I use the 10D. The image quality is fantastic (although I can hardly print big), I like using my older lenses, but I don’t like the crop factor effects. So I will go for something smaller that still remains versatile enough for me. More will follow.

      Congrats on the lenses. If the camera is fine, you can focus on useful lenses. But why a 55-200mm when you also bought the 100mm macro?

      1. The 55 ~ 200mm complements the 18 ~ 55mm kit lens that came with the camera. the 105mm I bought specifically for macro photography – one of my best buys.

        1. Seems logical, although I always wonder why so many buy lenses to cover most of the focal range. I would personally think only the 100mm lens would be nice alone besides the standard lens.

  4. Wouter, as usual a great post of yorus both in content but most important in the photographs.

    I did not get to comment much recently on blogs due to me not having enough time but I always read your posts and comments that follow them.

    “But most importantly the photographs and the moment excite me and I want to write more about that.” This is something I am looking forward to read and something more photographers should do (myself included) so thanks for another thought provoking post.

    As to the gear discussions, as with everything gear plays a part in one’s photography so it’s difficlt to leave it out completely. Photokina should be great fun and very interesting this year with all the new announcements. Shame you can’t make it this time around but good luck with your next camera purchase.

    I am interested to hear more about the collaboration projects you have in mind.

  5. Lovely post here Wouter. The pictures here to me feel sad and dark, but it’s probably because that’s how I’m feeling right now. Your pics capture a certain stillness which I need more and more nowadays in this crazy city I live in (NYC). Thanks man and peace.

    1. I can only imagine Rufus. I live in a place with a population of 60,000, probably just like a single block in Brooklyn or Harlem. It must certainly be a crazy city. I personally take comfort from the glowing light in the photographs.

  6. Zijn mooie beelden. Juist door de bw conversie geeft deze beelden een mysterisch aanblik. Dat vind ik ook de charme van bw. Ik vind vooral de tweede foto zeer sterk. De weg naar het onbekende. Mbt bw conversie, ik vind zelf Lightroom erg pretiig werken inzake de conversie, juist omdat het erg straight is met zijn mogelijkjheden en ik zelf niet hou van teveel toeters en bellen. Uiteraard blijft dit een persoonlijke invulling.

  7. It is always a joy to view your photographs, Wouter, and to read your wise words on the craft of photography. I look forward to finding out in due course what your new camera acquisition is.

    1. I have decided not to buy a new camera (yet). There is still so much to explore in my photography (read expression) that a new camera would not attribute to it in my opinion. Sometimes you seek things and are possibly searching in the wrong direction. I think it kind of happens to me now. Looking for another camera, exploring color. But somehow it feels I am looking in the wrong direction.

      I hope I can write about it soon when I feel I can bring it up.

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