2010, Photography

For those who followed the discussion in my previous post I sincerely want to apologize for the bizarre twist and negative sentiment. As a result I removed half of the comments.

Today I felt sad, numb, and disappointed and I wanted to echo that in my photographs I took today to close this chapter.

The next chapter will be based on Cam’s suggestion to further explore the decision making of B&W or color.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


12 thoughts on “Sentiment

  1. Beautiful and fearsome at the same time. Lovely.


    I haven’t been following the last post fully but I hope you are working it out.

    If you are having trouble with comments I suggest you block, filter those who are giving you trouble, or delete comments which are inappropriate and keep yourself from grief. From personal experience your blog is your space and you should not let others ruin it for you and others.

  2. Wouter, being a very busy man with a demanding job and a very large family I have taken to photography as a release. However, like many people, I am always anxious to learn much through artists blogs as it improves my work faster as my time allotment for photography is small. However, please know that yours is one of the more valuable sites and I check it nearly daily for inspiration. I am sure that there are many others like me. The Internet is a breading ground for arguments and I have been apart of some in the past. I have learned to not comment if I disagree, especially on things like art. I often stay away from the comments section for that reason as well. That’s what I have to do, I can imagine what a challenge it is to be a blogger. Hang in there.

  3. Hey Wouter, your images are so impressive, as always. I cannot seize to be amazed by seeing how you developed your own unique style.
    As for comments, I think it’s totally up to you if you want to share your post-processing or not, and as Cam wrote in the last post, it depends on each single photo anyway. There’s no “fast fix” for everything. Also, I like the metaphor proposed by some to see your blog as your living room: You decide who enters, and you decide what to do and how far to take any discussions…
    Looking forward to the next chapter, and thanks for sharing your art with us!

  4. Thank you all. I had to take these images. At that time they reflected my feelings, but I also used it close a chapter and move on. Photography is what you and I enjoy. You can use it to feel good, to express your mood, to tell or a story, or just to show beautiful things in life. As long as we enjoy it. Thanks!

  5. I too am sorry for the coments I made on your previous post, and whilst I sit firmy on the side of the philosophy of image making I wrongly disregarded those people whose interests lie in researching process and technique. In fact, I have engaged in that type of activity myself. As you say, move on.

  6. Hej Wouter!
    Ik heb het niet gevolgd wat er allemaal gezegd is, ken je standpunt wel en da’s goed….mooie foto’s die inderdaad een mood geven die aansluiten bij je gevoel, anderzijds discussie bijf je houden en zoals iemand hierboven aangeeft, het is jouw blog en vooral jouw creativiteit en jouw ‘eigendom’ om wel of niet te delen…kortom blijf genieten van je hobby en laat deze passie niet blokkeren door onjuiste, oneerlijke of vervelende reacties, ik reageer niet altijd maar weet dat ik altijd geïnspireerd raak als ik je UNIEKE z/w foto’s heb gezien!!!!!

    1. Bedankt Dave. Ik ben wel meer met kleur aan het experimenteren en zal er, met de herfst in aantocht, meer tijd aan spenderen. Toch blijft zwart-wit voor mij een aparte plek in nemen.

  7. Very moving photographs with the thorns. You manage to capture feelings with a wonderful economy of means. I somehow missed all that transpired on your blog as I was quite busy in the last weeks.

  8. The photos capture a very dark, seemingly lonely mood….yet I find them to be beautiful as well.
    Haunting, thought provoking, and wonderful at the same time.

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