While gaining more strength in my back, a couple a photographers from my local area arranged a small meet up on Twitter, a tweetup. It was a nice opportunity to get out again for the first time photographing and meeting other photographers (@ALF_fotografie @Henkie21 @pixellaar @snadaa88).

Even though it was mostly cloudy, the light was pretty smooth and pretty. Different ages, different experiences, different styles of photography, and the wonderful connection that we all enjoy photography. No gear crap, but just having fun. This was a great and fanatic group.

We photographed in an area where I used to come very often in the past, but I feel my photography has changed. I used to do a lot of landscapes, but nowadays people, emotions, and details matter much more to me. I feel that I want to capture the human presence around us. I think we are nature too, even though we don’t seem to care.

Next time we want to hit the street and shoot there, the human conditions. Instead of the rural to the city for street photography.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma