2010, Photography

Don’t we all have a desire to be distinguishable? A desire to be different or to distinct from others? Or to have something that makes you distinctive? Maybe the word snobbery is a bit harsh and echoes too much negative sentiments, but how bad is it to be different and/or distinctive? And how much does this apply to your photography?

Some work hard on a distinctive style, something of their own. Others try to be very knowledgeable. Some are more elitist as some kind of photo curator, while others claim to be even more distinguishable because they make a living as a photographer. Some hold on to their gear, while others on the lack of it. For some film remains the real deal, while others just don’t care.

As long as your desire remains there to improve, to learn, to be respectful, I think there is no problem to have something a of snob edge. Be yourself, enjoy what you do, and appreciate what others are doing matters too.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

17 thoughts on “Snob?

  1. Wanting to be different or establishing your own style doesn’t necessarily equate with snobbery. It only becomes snobbery when the individual thinks they are superior to others.

    1. I know the term snobbery brings up strong sentiments, mostly negatives, but it sure got the attention. What I am ultimately rambling about it that is not wrong to pursue something distinctive and different. Most important it is to remain respectful to everyone.

      1. I agree fully with your statement re “to pursue something distinctive and different”.

        1. It would be a very boring world if everybody was the same.

        2. Without it, art would still consist of drawing on cave walls.

        I love to see photographs which you don’t have to read the caption to know who took them.

        Unfortunately often those who push the boundaries to the limit are vilified or made fun of.

        1. And look around us. HDR, highly saturated travel photographs, very expensive cameras and lenses. Sometimes I believe people are amuzing their passion to death. Caught in the machine that demands perfection and high expectations.

  2. Snob = insult flung at those able to exercise discrimination in what they do, like, etc by those that lack such ability.

    Should really be considered a compliment.


  3. prachtige foto, heb eenzelfde soort/vorm gisteravond geschoten…ook in z/w bewerkt…

    snobistisch…..hmmm als je doelt op feit dat ik een A500 heb verruild voor een EOS7D, dan kun je dat zo bedoelen ja, als je het hele verhaal erachter kent…dan niet…ik herken me in je woorden…vooral deze “….and appreciate what others are doing matters too.” vooral daar draait het om…


    1. Je hebt toch al problemen gehad met je vorige Sony? De 7D lijkt me een mooie camera. Ik blijf over die kolere dingen toch altijd in twijfel. Een oude 5D is interessant, maar veel zijn al heel wat jaren behoorlijk gebruikt. En de nieuwe cameras zijn voor mij allemaal te duur.

      Ik ben benieuwd naar je verdere werk met je Canon. Een overgang van systeem is toch altijd ingegrijpend, omdat je ook van lenzen moet veranderen.

  4. I think snobbery really only comes into play when one is judging others. Having a preference for one thing over another is, unless one is insanely wealthy, inevitable, as you can’t have everything. And if you’re one with everything, well, desire isn’t that big of a problem.

    I want to be my best. I like stuff. Right now, my favorite camera and lens is a $630 M4-P/Jupiter-8 rig. Now, is that snobbish? There are point-and-shoot digicams that cost more!

  5. This is to wish you well in your recovery. I have read your blog for a year or more, and always enjoy your ideas about photography. I hope you will soon be able to go out and take more pictures!

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