Just love it

2010, Photography

I started the weekend with a nice ride on my road bike. And what better entry to take some photographs from the saddle too. All cellular photography by the way.

The wind was strong and the ride quite rough, so for me the photographs should be rough too.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

16 thoughts on “Just love it

  1. Pics #1 and #2 are brilliant and have the classic Wouter look.

    Your hand must have been perilously close to the road surface in taking Pic #2.

    I am also wondering if you chose the Nokia N95 because of the Zeiss optics. I wouldn’t blame you if you did. 🙂

  2. I’m interested Wouter why you made it clear that these photos were taken with a mobile? Is it to make a statement that you don’t need expensive kit, or to give yourself an excuse if people didn’t like these photos..? lol (written in humour)

  3. Another cyclist – Wouter, I have often wondered what camera to carry on the bike and always forget there is a camera on my (now looking old) N95. The only problem with the camera is the lens cover glass that gets scratched over time. Still gives an increasingly Holgaesque look.

    Love the second picture particularly and symapthise about the wind!

    Yesterday I ordered a set of new wheels for my mountain bike, which will see more road use coming up as I don’t like tying the road bike up outside the railway station!


    1. Good luck with your new wheels. I traded my mountain bike for a road bike (mountainbiked since 1990). I still have an older ’98 Specialized mountain bike that I want to transform into a singlespeed.

      Concerning the N95. Still no real problems with scratches, but the B&W setting and -1.0EV gives a good result.

  4. I do like cycling also but haven’t try taking picture while from the saddle like you. Nice photos.
    Do you post process the picture coming from N95 or not?
    thanks and regards,

    1. I do process the photographs coming from the N95, but I just use a combination Photoshop actions. It is good fun to bring cycling and photography together.

  5. Hi Wouter
    i am commenting after a long time, I do look at your blog frequently. Photographer is more important than the equipment and you definitely prove it. Had you not tagged it as Nokia N95 I would never have guessed that you used a cell phone camera!

    As another person has commented, Smashing!


    1. Thank you Sudeep. I personally believe the camera does matter to the photographer, but mostly because the photographer knows how the camera can help creating his or her vision.

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