Small and tiny

2010, Photography

Don’t think in terms of restrictions, be challenged by limitations. Do the unthinkable and don’t be a credit card photographer. More is not always better, less is often more. The best camera is the one that’s with you.

For instance, check the wonderful photography by my friend Mookio with her Ricoh GRD and her book about the GRD and the photography which will be on sale upcoming Thursday (including interviews and photographs by some GRD users from all over the world). Or Robert Kruyskamp with his LG cell phone.

The photographs above were taken with the Ricoh GR Digital III, the photograph below with a Nokia N95 cell phone.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

11 thoughts on “Small and tiny

  1. I fully agree with you Wouter and your photographs prove very well that it’s the photographer and not the camera which matters an sometimes being restricted leads one to better and more carefuly taken pictures.

  2. I started with my mobile. Moved to my first camera a GRD. Tried a Pentax k100D Super. Changed my GRD for a GX200. Got fed up and swopped everything for a Panasonic G1. Still with that. Got a Fuji F70exr. Still with that. Last Friday I got my new mobile a HTC Hero.

    Now I back where I was. I prefer my mobile, then my compact, then my hybrid..

    Theres a lesson in there somewhere..

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Wouter.

    After shooting with SLR’s, dSLR’s and high-end compacts for decades, I really fell in love with my camera phone. More than ever before I’m developing my own style. And becoming a better photographer for it.

  4. Reminds me of my first few rolls of film with the Lomo LC-A. 36 out of 36 pictures for the trash. But then, little by little, I learned how to use this little gem. Embracing the limits instead of changing and changing and changing gear seems to be a good approach.

    1. And who wants 36 perfect pictures? I always loved it to get 1 rewarding and gorgeous photograph and 35 pictures that at least gave me a pleasurable and learning experience.

  5. Wouter, apologies for not posting on some of your previous entries, I have just caught up with those I have missed. I love this latest, and I agree entirely with you, my post echoes exactly what you have said, I have also put a link to here from my site I hope you don’t mind. I like you just love the ricoh GR3.

  6. Wouter,those are thought provoking words. Maybe that could apply to location as well and that you don’t necessarily have to go chasing half way around the world for a good photograph (although it’s fun).

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