65th Liberation Day

2010, Photography

Today we celebrated Liberation Day in the Netherlands. We joined the celebrations in Wageningen, the liberation city of the Netherlands, with many spectators, Canadian, British and Dutch veterans, and many Canadian students. These students represents Canadian men and woman in service who died for the liberation of the Netherlands in World War II.

The main attraction of the Wageningen festivities, unlike other Dutch liberation cities, is the parade with many veterans and soldiers from Canadian, British, Polish, Dutch, and Belgium armed forces. Joining the parade were also many of the students from Canadian high schools celebrating and commemorating the 65th Liberation.

Throughout the parade there were many highland bagpipes bands from Canada and Great Britain.

And parading soldiers like the Polish soldiers above and Royal Dutch Navy officers below.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

11 thoughts on “65th Liberation Day

  1. Hi Wouter. Besides the usual excellence of these photos, I am also struck by their diversity. Each photo portrays a different aspect of the story. Very nice.

  2. From ‘the other side of the pond’, as a Canadian I have to say that Canadians really value and appreciate their warm relationship with the Dutch. It is something that Canadians are very proud of.

    A wonderful set of pictures, in this and your Serendipity post.

    1. I hope this warm relationship between Canada, liberators of the Netherlands and war home for our Royal family, and the Netherlands lasts forever. It was wonderful to see so many Canadian students visit the Netherlands this week commemorating the unforgettable efforts and sacrifices.

  3. I hope that one day the two of us could meet up in my home country. I think your photographic interpretation of it would be very thought provoking.

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