16 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Fantastic light – great motion with the curve of the waitress’s body. I love what you do with your B&W images. I assume that this shot was fairly wide open using snap focus?


  2. Must start saving for a GRD III. I’m not convinced that I could do this sort of shot with the GX200 – but maybe I just need more practice.

  3. This is a gem of a shot: the waitress’s posture, the concentration of the man pouring the milk, the sculpture by the window, even the dark area on the left side adds balance to the image.

  4. Nice shot Wouter,liked it straight away ,then I saw the statue in the background that just gives it a little more,

  5. Amazing, as usually.
    Wouter, Wich software did you use? Rawtherapee?
    I read once on your blog that tou don´t like lightroom for processing grd3´s raw pictures, and that you preferred raw therapee. Is this the case?
    Thank you

    1. I used Lightroom in combination with Photoshop, but I have mostly used the jpegs. In fact, this one is a jpeg too. For the dng’s I really like Lightroom 3 beta. Rawtherapee seems to squeeze more details out of the dng’s for me, but it is just too slow.

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