9 thoughts on “Layers

    1. What do you think you see? Nothing created. No photoshop for layering effects, only optical illusions. But the hunting question remains. What do you think you see Jonathan?

  1. Wouter, excellent shots, one after another.
    My attempt to answer the quiz: I think this is reflection on horizontal glass plane-perhaps a glass table causing the reverse reflection of the cityscape. Probably it is placed next to a window on a high floor, and the passing girl is not a reflection but a see through the glass table?

    1. You are exceptionally close Roni. The horizontal glass plane is a window-sill above a radiator. And yes, it is placed next to a large window on a second floor of a café with a gallery and antique shop. The girl is captured between the radiator. And above the girl you can see a price ticket on a statue that leaves behind the dark shadow on the right.

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