Finish the weekend

2010, Photography

Not my everyday photograph, but I like it.

What. A small sensor camera is not suited for low light photography?


I just love the option of f/1.9 with the GR Digital III.

Handheld, 1/5 second at ISO 100.

They all kind of have their own frame.

Typically new dad’s. Getting used to being a father, standing beside their baby carriage.

They say: “you shouldn’t position a tree in the center of your composition.” Did it anyway and created a sort of diptych.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

12 thoughts on “Finish the weekend

  1. To say “you shouldn’t position a tree in the center of your composition” is like believing in the rule of thirds, or that a person at the edge of a frame should the center of the frame and not the edge. There are no rules.

    I also like the one of the man sitting at the table and the one shot through the window.Your series are getting to be very, very good.

    1. I know Mitch. Read an interesting quote last night by former Magnum photographer Charles Harbutt: “The only rule I learned was not to photograph your subject into the sun, unless you wanted to capture it as a silhouette.” Rules are just plain silly in my opinion. You can’t regulate feeling with rules, and photography is all about feeling I think.

  2. I like the idea of “challenging rules” and the frame within a frame.

    Steady hand skills as well.

    With regards to the rules:

    You have to know them to break them, something I am learning as I continue doing art. Awareness is important!

    Great photography as always

    1. Yes, it could make sense to know the so-called rules so you know how to break them. But maybe it is even better to not even study these rules in the first place.

  3. Another engaging and enjoyable series that bears your distinctive style, Wouter.

    It seems you have fallen in love with the capabilities of the GRD III.

    1. It is an amazing camera. For me, together with the Ricoh GR1, still the best cameras ever for the thing I do (will ignore the Leica M8 which is stellar, but out of my reach).

  4. The first picture has to be my favorite. I love the way the frame of the window and the rear view mirror give the photograph about three different subject matters. These three different subject matters are also defined very separately.

    I agree with the idea of challenging the rules. That’s how art changed, people challenged the rules and guidelines set forth. If people had never never done that we would never had Picasso or Monet.

  5. Wouter

    I keep returning to your blog as an example of what I should be trying to achieve with my GX200. You always seem to get such a fantastic glow from your black and white work.

    I look at in wonder – and a bit of envy!

    I like the tree picture – but the staircase one is even better in my opinion.


    1. Thank you Andrew. To know how to process the photographs from your camera you need to understand how the lens and sensor renders light, contrast, details, shadows, and highlights.

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