Weekend starts with shadows and hope

2010, Photography

This Eastern weekend starts with a replacement for my Ricoh GR Digital I. It is a GR Digital III and again I am surprised how good this camera is. Just be careful with the exposures, because it is pretty prone to highlight clipping.

Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day. An increasing number of our world population has autism and our fast paced society will make it harder and harder for them to cope and participate. Regular readers know that my son has autism too and last September I published a series of photographs where I tried to interpret his complexity of handling information, eye for detail, and always present anxiety. For those interested you can view this series here.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

7 thoughts on “Weekend starts with shadows and hope

  1. I like the large areas that are totally black. I suspect that was a conscious decision on your part and you would have chosen this look even if the camera had more dynamic range.

    I’ve been trying to show more detail in my photos. Frequently, the result is less attractive than the high contrast look that you show here. That’s another reason for someone to keep using the one type of camera until he is good with it. It’s a better approach than spending $$$ for a camera with more DR or some other feature that we think we need. You make good artistic decisions within the bounds imposed my the camera you have.

    1. I believe the essence of photography is isolation. When information doesn’t add anything to your photograph then don’t try to capture it. You can do that with a pinhole camera, Nikon D3S, Leica MP, or iPhone.

  2. Wouter, I see you have now acquired the gr digital iii, these images are wonderful both in content and style, love the pov and the processing, I’m still over the moon with my gr digital iii, I have been using it a lot lately and will be uploading the results regularly, do pop by..my favourite is the first but they are all stunning, like you I’m mindful of the highlights blowing so always shoot at -3rd of a stop most of the time.

    I have been amazed at the amount of processing the raw files will tolerate, the tones are to die for, I also love the film like quality of the final image, the lens is pin sharp with almost nil distortion, i love it, you should be congratulated again as it was your marvelous review that made me upgrade from my gx100, thanks again and happy Easter..

    1. I just love this camera and I am glad you like it too. I am a little bit more extreme on the EV-compensation and almost always set it to -0.7 EV. The GRD lens is more contrasty than the GX100 lens and the sensor in the GRD3 is very sensitive.

      The RAW images are really good, but I remain surprised by the quality of the B&W jpegs. And I use the f/1.9 to get a bit of depth feeling.

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