8 thoughts on “View

  1. Great set of pictures. I love they way you laid them out, somewhat reflecting on the geometrical aspects of some of the details in the pictures.

  2. A nice set of pictures, i really like the low point of view in the flower photo (#5). Did you use SPP4.0 and what are your thoughts. I also quite like the new LR3beta2 for the foveon files. You gave to ‘pixel peep’ quite intensely to see difference (on print it might disappear altogether?

    1. I have yet to try the DP1 photographs in LR3beta2, but except for the first day with SPP4.0 when it worked quite well I am using LR2. SPP4.0 doesn’t really work well on Windows 7 64 and I can only load a small amount of photographs (less than 50). I have a folder with some 130 DP1 photographs and SPP4.0 just won’t show them. They make interesting cameras, but they are lousy developers (in particular software and firmware).

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