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Okay, in my previous post I mentioned that the spring finally arrived and I immediately took the opportunity to take my GRDI for a spin. I didn’t really noticed it at first, but sometimes the focus was way off. A day later, things were even worse and the GRD only seemed to work properly when I set it to macro. The AF becomes a lot slower than, but is also much more accurate. I’ve already had contact with Ricoh and the prospect looks promising.

The last few days I took the Sigma DP1 and I am again reminded how ought this camera is to use, but how gorgeous the photographs are. The feeling of depth, the tonality, and hightlight and shadow handling. Therefore it remains a truly special camera, even though not everyone will like it.

This week seemed to be an Adobe week with their press release that CS5 will be unveiled on April 12. Saw a sneak peek of Photoshop CS5 recently and Scott Kelby demoed the content-aware fill option (see a video of it here). It is pretty impressive technology, but I don’t know how much this has to do with photography anymore. And this technology seems to make watermarks pretty obsolete too. Dunno. Hope it recognizes typo and stops working.

Adobe labs released a new beta version of Lightroom 3. The 64 bit version works really fast and smooth. The developers added some great new features to the beta of Lightroom 3 like a new version of Adobe RAW, a more enhanced importer, improved noise reduction, better vignetting options, and the effect to actually add grain to your photographs. But for me the improved tone curve is the real bonus of Lightroom 3. It is now fully adjustable and a joy to use. I am still surprised about all the open spaces in the graphic user interface, and the lack of no full screen mode (and soft proofing?). I still think it looks quite elegant though.

For those interested in the HD video capabilities of the latest breed of dSLR’s, you might want to check this vid at Zacuto. They compared a 35mm film camera with Kodak and Fuji film stock against the Canon 5D mark II, 7D, 1D mark IV, Nikon D3S, and Panasonic DMC-GH1. Pretty impressive stuff and in particular the 5D does an amazing job. Many (amateur) photographers think it is a gimmick or a bonus, but these cameras are really shaking up the film industry.

And finally back to Ricoh. There are new plans for another Ricoh meet-up either end of April or in May. Possible locations for a meet-up are London, Düsseldorf (home of Ricoh Europe), and Amsterdam. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet some of the people you regularly chat with at either one of the many photography forums? Head over here and sign up.

Happy weekend to you all and good light.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

11 thoughts on “Weekend…..

  1. About the Photoshop “content-aware fill option”: yet another tool to make the shot absolutely perfect.

    Taking the “soul” out of the picture.


  2. CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+F for full screen, two taps of L to hide the interface too. Hit TAB to tuck away the panels.

      1. Press the ‘F’ key twice, once for full-screen interface mode and then again for absolute full-screen mode, then do a ‘shift-tab’ to hide/show the interface.

        1. Aperture users probably know what I mean with proper full screen reviewing, because in Lightroom you still keep some of the interface. But than the Aperture users also have the head up displays which are pretty slick.

  3. Wonderful pictures, I especially like number 5 (the lone balloon). Any chance you could make it part of your prints sale?

  4. I don’t know….. I wonder if the content-aware function is really more for folks doing production work for the sake of advertising, marketing, etc. as opposed to anything else. Those who take pictures for the sake of taking pictures might never make use of such a feature.

    When you wrote of the DP1 I remember you previously writing about the deliberate nature one must undertake to use it as it’s not a quick camera. That was good advice for any camera.

  5. Another beautiful set, Wouter. I especially like how you split the composition with the car in half. I agree with forkboy that CS5’s content aware feature is probably meant more for production work. I think it will also be useful for 3D visualizations of buildings. New buildings are often inserted into photos of existing surroundings. To make these background photos usable, foreground objects need to be painstakingly removed. So this content aware fill could be a useful feature.

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