First glimpse of spring

2010, Photography

Finally we are witnessing the first glimpse of the arriving spring in the Netherlands after a long and rather cold winter season. And finally a chance to use the Ricoh GR Digital I and process the photographs rather hard to get a contrasty look.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

15 thoughts on “First glimpse of spring

  1. Wouter love the images and it’s good to see you posting again, do drop in and visit my new site, it’s up at last, the ricoh gr 3 is just superb..

    1. Maybe a bit too hard Jonathan. There is something wrong with focusing properly now. It seems to focus correctly with the macro mode, but with all other options it front focuses severely.

    2. I’m afraid I don’t understand what ‘front focuses’ is? I only used either manual or infinity focus. Could that of caused any problems? 😦 Sorry.

      1. Don’t worry Jonathon. It is absolutely not caused by either you manual or infinity focusing. You were the perfect owner. It worked perfectly until yesterday. And I really just noticed it today when every photograph was out of focus except the ones in macro mode. I know that I tried to focus on a leave yesterday and the macro had a lot of difficulties. After that it didn’t focus properly. When I set snap focus for instance, it sets focus to something like 50 cm instead of the 2 or 2.5 meters. I will contact Ricoh about this. So please, no worries.

        1. I hope it’s something Ricoh can solve you (and not charge you anything). Its a shame as the photos your getting out of it are really great.

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