Learning to fly

2010, Photography

For me photography is all about seeing, learning, understanding, choosing, but most importantly about feeling. We often want to see to understand, instead of trying to understand what we see. Of course it is fantastic to be imaginative, but isn’t it even greater to leave some of that imagination to the viewer?

Last night at the photography club I was reminded of my friend’s words to be more loose in my photography and not to confirm myself. Basically frame purposely and than almost intentionally give the camera a twist to the left or the right. I showed some of my photographs and the external speaker congratulated me on my style. It was a boost for my current state of photographic uncertainty and helped me to see everything much brighter again.
Forest dreaming Connection
The club gathering was very interesting. From the member’s work 10 photographs were selected to participate in a national photography competition. Two photographs which I submitted were selected too, but since I just joined the club the national photography association wasn’t able to speed up my membership. As a result my photographs had to be withdrawn today. It was however absolutely no disappointment. The reminding words of last night and the very good atmosphere of the club gave me a very good feeling.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

8 thoughts on “Learning to fly

  1. Your “current state of photographic uncertainty”? Sounds as though there’s a story here, or has it already been told? Now that’s completely overturned my assumptions. Dammit, I really should visit here more frequently.
    As regards your “style”, well, I just love it and it wouldn’t be stretching things too much to say that in some manner its been a bit of an inspiration to me.

  2. Ah, now I understand!

    The weather/time of year maybe? It certainly seems to have a fairly negative effect on me.
    Whatever, I’m sure it will pass at some stage. Something will come along to trigger a new flood of enthusiasm and away you’ll go again.

    For my part I’m just eager now for the longer days. Totally fed up with Winter!

  3. It’s funny Wouter but no matter how you may feel about your work others make their own judgements on it. You may have seen a picture, taken the photo, process it but the moment you post it, its not really yours anymore.

    I’m not ‘feeling’ it at the moment, however more and more people are liking my photos. Go figure’ as somebody once said. Also photos I’ve taken that for whatever reason I wasn’t that bothered about have turned out to be my most popular.

    The main thing is your happy and thats more important than any photo 🙂

    1. I never try to understand public photographic interest. Better do what we like. I am always surprised to see mediocre photographs being favorite at flickr or any other social network photographs sharing sites. All very ought and strange.

  4. hi wouter, just stopping by to say that i really enjoy reading your posts and looking at all the pictures. always find lots of food for thought here.

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