Square view

2010, Photography

I like photography and I am glad many others do so too, but every time I am in a zoo I am surprised by the incredible equipment people take with them. Some even look like they are going on a game drive or something.

I like going to the zoo too, but I like to photograph my kids there. Their joy and excitement is wonderful and inspiring. The animals are secondary to me.

In the meantime I like to share a recent winter scenery from a week ago. Incredible that the snow is already gone, but it has been a pretty cold winter so far for a country in the midst of a sea climate.

Photograph by Wouter Brandsma

15 thoughts on “Square view

  1. Great picture Wouter. I love the slight blurring around the edges. A really nice image and perspective.

    I always get a kick when I see a dad with his Canon 1Ds or Nikon D3 at the park with the kiddies. Expensive family snaps!

      1. The camera was a Canon 10D. Admittedly, I am not sure about the lens. It was either a 28mm Tokina F-mount lens or a 35mm Pentor M42 lens and more than 50% I think it was the Tokina lens.

  2. Hi Wouter,
    You were cracking me up in this post. I have seen this before and it is absolutely true. Going to some random event, maybe the market in town and someone whips out some serious camera or is it a bazooka? No one would know for sure. There is one thing that is highly possible. That maybe the person with the bazooka might just have inadvertently captured some infinitely small detail on your forehead from 36 meters away.

    The shot with the trees is fantastic. I think this will be a good year for photography 😉

  3. Hi Wouter!

    I am amazed as well and it makes me even more shy to bring my own camera…and telelens….
    Last time I was @ the zoo I also had my tele lens (70-200 mm) with me and that enabled me to shoot some wild kids and relaxed animals….but yes I feel quite embarassed with that big lens…I am not that brutal always pushing people aside for that shot.
    luckily the guy @ your photo has a Sony 😉 it couldn’t be since I don’t have these big white telelenses, am more the landscape, scenery type….

    A doubting amateur…

    1. LOL, and I thought I had serious stuff with me (a 50mm lens).

      Of course I understand it. Animals are beautiful, and all. But in a busy zoo I still think it is funny too. Lazy days I guess.

      1. yes it is funny while on the other hand I agree you have to find a balance, am I there for the kids or for myself, that’s the choice I will make….or I take the Sony 500 mm. a fat lens but less sniper feeling.. 😉

  4. I am sure you have heard the comment about cameras being male jewellry, Wouter. Your first two pictures provide ample evidence as to its veracity.

    A few weeks back, I was out photographing a shrimp boat moored to a jetty. A guy comes up with a Nikon and a zoom lens. He hit the shutter button and must have fired 20 or 30 shots. It sounded like a Maxim machine-gun being fired. He shifted his point of focus and did exactly the same. I don’t know whether he was trying to prove a point as I focused and refocused with my manual lens. I simply shook my head and smiled to myself.

    Now don’t get me wrong, if we had both being photographing a football match and a striker bearing down on the goal, I could understand him firing off so many shots. But this was a static subject.

    Meanwhile, back to your third shot. I love the way the dramatic clouds and the trees dwarf the figures. It is almost Wagnerian.

  5. It’s easy to stereotype someone carrying a big camera at the zoo or playground, but I regularly do it. I have a big pro Nikon that I make a living with and a little GRD3 that I sometimes make a living with too. I took the big camera to an aquarium recently and took a extremely high iso wide angle shot of my children enjoying a presentation that no p&s could have done. Well that aquarium just bought the rights to use the photo and my kids got lifetime passes there. I also recently went to a concert with my wife and took the big camera, we were mistaken for press and given full backstage access.

    1. A great story Jeff, but I am not saying anything about the big cameras. I don’t know for the US or anywhere else, but here in the Netherlands you see people taking their longest lenses to the zoo to photograph animals and certainly not the people. In fact, for many the crowd is just an annoying fact of the zoo.

      If I would want to make a photograph of my children at an aquarium where I need excellent high ISO performance I would take a large camera with a wide angle lens too.

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