Amsterdam revisited

This Saturday I had a meet up with Björn Utpott and Cristian Sorega. First I had a walk with Björn through the Jordaan and the Vondelpark. And for lunch Cristian would catch up with us and I could hand over the Ricoh GXR to him.

After lunch we continued towards the Herengracht, the Amstel, and the little China Town in De Wallen.

Besides my last few hours with the Ricoh GXR, you can read about that here, I also had a chance to try the Panasonic GF1 with the 20mm f/1.7 lens. Now, just playing with this camera for little over an hour is too short to come up with something that really makes sense, but both Cristian and I really liked this camera. It is a fast and responsive, and the focal length (40mm equivalent) is just about perfect. Certainly a lovely camera for street photography. And even better since Panasonic will also come up with a 14mm  f/2.8 lens (28mm equivalent) in 2010.

The first six photographs are all with the Panasonic GF1. The two following indoor photographs, and the two last ones with my GRD1 and the rest with the Canon 10D.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma