16 thoughts on “Without light

  1. It’s nice for you to be concerned but please don’t worry, the British post service is very slow nowaday’s, especially this close to Christmas. I’m more more eager that your test camera arrives! 🙂

    Love the last two photos, particular the last one. Oh and I gave up on my blog. Realised I don’t really have anything to say (at least at the moment) and forcing it was stupid. However, enjoying Flickr (yes, yes I know it’s been around forever but I’ve only just noticed lol)

    1. It still matters to me though that the camera arrives at your place asap. That is more important to me than the test camera.

      Funny about Flickr. I started to blog, because I was not really happy with Flickr.

  2. Hi Wouter,

    Great pics as usual.

    Quick update. I got the GRD and really missed it – but realized that in the time between me selling it and getting it back again, technology really surpassed it.

    It is painfully slow (I thought I could get over it) writing RAW files. It is also quite loud (relatively) when focusing, and colour files over 400 iso are filled with noise. But sometimes, perhaps as a result of it’s diminutive size, you can get some great candids.

    Today's news
    Chit-Chat on the tram

    Alas, I have to say I quickly traded-in the GRD and wide angle lens + accessories for a GRD III. So far it is everything that the original GRD was and much more.

    Calling all passengers
    Getting the boot

    Thanks so much for sharing your work and thoughts with us, especially other small compact users.

    Look forward to your future posts.

    Kind regards,


    1. In my opinion both are outstanding cameras. The GRD3 in particular of current day technology and the GR heritage. And when you prefer RAW it is absolutely the more responsive and faster camera. I kind of really like the original GRD1, because it reminds me so much more of my GR1 from 1996.

    1. Thank you Maggie. Small sensor cameras are exceptional for capturing the blacks and whites. Their weakness is probably more the lack of sufficient mid tones, but I kind of like this limitation.

  3. Interesting what you say about smaller sensors missing mid-tones.

    I have noticed how I much prefer b&w work that offers a high degree of separation between the lightest and darkest, as your work often illustrates.

    It is, in no small part, why I continue to come back here to see your images.

  4. First congratulations to the two year anniversary of your blog Wouter!
    Your pictures are excellent and you always manage to inspire me and a lot of other people.

    The GRD I pictures from this post I really like due to the high contrast look but also they look very crisp. There is not much light available at the moment but you certainly make the most of what is there.

  5. hey Wouter!

    You should come to the UK, especially Wales or Scotland, then you’ll really know what ‘Without Light’ REALLY means.



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