Moment of reflection

Upcoming Saturday this blog will celebrate its two year’s anniversary. It went from 619 views in the first full month to 20,606 views in the previous month. It was certainly something I had not expected. Posting photographs was for me the most important reason to start my blog, but I realize too that camera centric posts do get the most traffic. And I have mentioned before that I do have a love-hate relationship with gear.

Yes, gear is what we need to use to capture light, to take photographs. But paying too much attention to gear, in particular new and so-called better gear, is at times worthless too I think. So I personally don’t try to focus so much on the newest gear for my own photography, although I occasionally post about new gear too. My focus is more on what works for me and my photography.

So while I have been able to photograph with pretty recent cameras in the last two years like the Ricoh GX200 and the GRDIII, my personal set of cameras has gone older almost intentionally. My dSLR is now an older Canon 10D which I use only with legacy lenses, and I just swapped my Ricoh GX200 for a GRDI.

The dSLR for longer focal length work with shallower depth of field and available light photography, and the small sensor cameras for wide angle photography with huge depth of field. For me that makes sense. I am still interested though in a smaller camera body with a large sensor. Therefore I look forward to next week when I will be able to try one the more revolutionary cameras on the market. To be continued……

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma