25 thoughts on “The Grand Route

  1. wow, I love the gritty coarse but yet subtle garin in picture 3, the macro…
    Did you on purpose not mention your feelings/findings?

    I guess (and hope for you) that you’ll get this look easier and quicker than with your gx200. But from what I know about the grd1 this is true. But it is quite slow too? Like the dp1?

    1. Yes, I did not mention my feelings and findings on purpose. I’ve only been shooting this camera in low light.

      And slowness? Comparing to the DP1 even the 2005 GRDI is still faster. You know how gorgeous the DP1 can be. The sensor delivers stunning results and I even like it in combination with underexposing and the monochrome white balance. But the camera is slow and the AF in my opinion hardly usable.

      But ok, some first impression? The quality of the jpegs reminds me of my previous GX100 and then even a bit better.

      1. Wouldn’t it be great if Ricoh bought the rights to use the Forevon sensor in the GRD/GX line?

        Here’s hoping Sigma bring out a module for the GRX, in the hope that the sensor would trickle down to the less expensive part of Ricoh’s range.

        1. The Foveon sensor does bring something special, but I hope they never announce out it. It would take ages before it hits the shop and the waiting would be daunting 😀

  2. Wonderful work as per usual – Makes my fingers itch even more for the GRD III currently en route to my doorstep. But most of all this makes me want to photograph, not with the GRD I, II or III but just photograph in general.

  3. It is the photographer, not the camera. 🙂 These are outstanding especially the first one. Love the contrast. I like my Leica DL4 but the Ricoh GRD series blows it away in handling and pure photographic experience. I am getting an itch to get a GRD just for the street.

  4. Looking at these photos is like losing a lover to another man. He makes her happy and is a better lover. Your sad but because you loved her are happy for her as well.

    Still times change and I look forward to meeting ‘someone’ new.

    Great photo’s Wouter, I love the grain and texture your pulling out of these shots.

    Have you ever considered creating a book of your work? (Perhaps by using Blurb.com?)

  5. Have you had any problems with the GRD 1 freezing up and needing to be restarted? Mine does it from time to time, but I still like this camera. The optional viewfinder helps. It seems ideal for the kind of work you do.

  6. Yes, it does freeze, but it’s OK. However, I’m using a canon ixus100 IS now, which is even smaller than GR, just the size of credit card. 12M pixels, AEL, AFL. Extremely convenient.

    Hello Wouter!

  7. Seems like I’m going backwards from dc to DSLR to dc again. But I always like small camera. Also, again it’s the people behind the camera matters. So any camera is OK for taking photos.

  8. This is a great set of night shots. The blacks in the pictures all turned out so nicely. I really like the point of view in the shopping cart picture as well as the picture above it.

  9. Hi Wouter,

    Great pics and site.

    One question, do you think it is worth making the jump from the GRD I to the GRD III?

    Or are you still figuring it out?



    1. Hi Rick,

      When you have a perfectly working GRDI and you’re happy with the jpegs then I see no reason for the upgrade. It is the flexibility and faster operation which makes a big difference I think, and of course when you shoot or want to shoot RAW.

  10. Thanks Wouter,

    Please ignore my repeated question in another thread.

    I had the GRD I a few years ago and sold, and now a friend has offered to sell me hers for a very reasonable price – however I know the 1.9 will haunt me…


    1. It will haunt you too when you ignore the option of buying the GRD I. I would describe the GRD III as perfect, while the GRD I would be about character, a true classic and closer to the original GR1.

  11. “Perfect”…That makes getting the GRD III even more enticing. I had the GR1V as well and yes, it was a superb compact film camera. The GRD I may fit the bill as I want a good, cheap (for what I am getting it for) and small compact digital. But after reading your impressions with the GRD III I don’t want to regret putting my cash into an older model, whereas I could just put the cash towards the newer one. Anyways, thanks so much for your great write-ups and pics.


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