Last glow

2009, Photography

The autumn is a pretty strange season. Colors changing, trees loosing its leaves. At some point all color is gone. What is left, is real, and not always pretty.

Low light, the last glow. And for me hopefully time for a change. Too be continued….

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

19 thoughts on “Last glow

  1. Good to see you keep the shooting going. For me – as always – the inspiration/motivation seems to be washed away with the rain during this gloomy season.

  2. Hi Wouter:

    My name is Mao. I’ve been browsing your blog for 2 weeks now and start to follow. Really like the style of your photos. Just out of curiosity, how much time do you spend on taking photos each day or week?

    1. Hello Mao, Thank you for visiting my blog. What time I spent on taking photographs? Maybe on average 2 to 3 hours a week right now (autumn, winter, begin of the spring), and on average 5 to 6 hours a week later in the spring and summer. Of course this is an estimation. But key is to take every possible time available to take photographs.

      Cheers, Wouter

  3. Thanks Wouter for the promote reply. As autumn and winter in Holland, it’s summer in Sydney now. Quite hot down here. Just get a bit bored on photography these days, although I still buy in cameras. BTW I use Ricoh GR digital I&II. I like small camera too. When I use film, I use Contax G1 and 28mm. I like those photos that are really touching and with it’s own life. But It’s just so hard to get one and I got so frustrated.I think part of the reason is I was not “there” at the moment. But it’s impossible for me to spend 5 days a week out there taking photos. I don’t know if you have the same feeling.

    Best Regards


    1. You can bring “there” to you. Instead of searching and waiting for the moment, start creating the moment. Be it simple subjects. I recognize the feeling, I absolutely do. So sometimes I use a small stroll or my daily commute to take a few photographs. Nothing special, and mostly ordinary stuff (like above). With selective usage of light and shadows you make simple things look very interesting.

  4. I come to your blog often to enjoy your pictures 🙂 They are very inspiring.. and.. haha having a hard time putting my feelings to a word.. but yeah I like them very much! esp. black and white you took with GX200.. Thanks for sharing. Happy thanksgiving!

  5. It is interesting to read how another photographer experiences winter, and indeed, fluctuation in creativity with the seasons. I often find myself most active during the wet, windy and rather dull Swedish winters – During the summer I am too busy with other things, and perhaps the lack of light in winter (both in a literal and a figurative sense) drives me towards photography as a way to brighten the dark, dark days when the sun sets at 15:00.

    Lovely photographs by the way, I especially appreciate the one on the middle.

    1. LOL, and the winter hasn’t even started yet. This is just to wet part of the fall, and when we are unlucky this will continue the entire winter too. I don’t know how I would deal with the Swedish winters which you describe as dull, but then you have never been in the Netherlands in the winter.

  6. I love your portraits.
    It seems like your subjects are aware that you are taking photos of them. In my case I usually try to “sneak” photos and end up with a very rush finished product with some sort of defect. Or I tend to shoot on aperture or shutter priority mode with the camera held low as it hangs on the neck strap. But those photos I tend to erase because I don’t get to compose them because I am not looking through the view finder.

    What I am getting to is how do you do it

  7. Hi Wouter,

    Love the pics and the site.

    Is it worth jumping to the GRD III from the GRD I considering the enourmous price difference and the technical advances?



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