In the dark

2009, Photography

I had been tempted to push these photographs in B&W, but in the end decided to keep them in color. The available light and the last glow of the sunset eventually did it for me.

Today I visited the opening of a wonderful photography exhibition in my local town, “Hopend op Mededogen” (Hoping for Compassion).

And it was a great opportunity to meet some of the photographers who I already knew from flickr (Annemarie and Dorine van den Berg), but never saw in person.

And for those interested in some more information about the new Ricoh GXR, check out this thread on a French forum (thank you Cam!).

Hope to post more later.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


19 thoughts on “In the dark

  1. gorgeous! i love the textures you got, the sadness is palpable… i think you did right to leave in the colours here. they are muted, yet there’s a richness. it adds, rather than subtracts… and it makes me want to make you smile.

      1. you are going through growing pains…

        i, too, love b/w and that is almost *always* my preference. in most cases i feel it detracts from the lines and the light and i thrill to its purity… but there are shots i take that are enhanced by colour — whether it is on an emotional level (as these are) or an impressionistic view or for the comedy of it all.

        sometimes colour works!

        and i am proud of you for stepping outside your comfort zone and acknowledging that.


  2. Bijzondere foto’s weer, je bent echt uniek qua fotografie voor mij en daarmee is wekelijks je blog bezoeken een ritme geworden…
    Have a nice sunday!

  3. Hi Wouter,

    I love these, dark moody feel with a cross processed look.

    Very Gothic. The dying Sun. The Moon arises. The call of the werewolf baying for blood. Better get running.

    All the best

  4. I agree on your decision Wouter, as Cam mentioned, in this series it seems an addition. Lovely muted, monochrome colours

  5. Thank you all. Like Cam mentioned it feels like stepping out of my comfort zone. And I still doubt whether I want to continue. Yes, the colors work and they intrigued me too, but it is going to be a long journey for me to actually do much more color. Of course you all be the first to know.

  6. Through your words and photos I’ve decided to buy a f1.2 lens for my Pentax k100d super. £30. Put’s the cost of the GRX into sharp contrast! I’ve also am thinking the GRDigital isn’t for me either. I’ve enjoyed it but just tend to use it on P mode. I want zoom again. Looking at getting the Sony WX1 in it’s place (24mm, 5x zoom, Sweep Panoramic, Twilight shot). Anybody here use one? One last thing, is Ebay the best place to sell my GRD? I’m also interested in a swap which I don’t think you can do on Ebay.

  7. Wow Wouter – I am away for a couple of weeks and I come back to more color? What is going on good sir? 😉 Is it the 10D that is making you do this? Seriously though I agree with everyone you made the correct choice here. The color works with these shots you have posted here. I always feel closer to my black and whites. When I am shooting I envision every shot in black and white. But sometimes, the color just cant be taken out. I can’t count how many times I have sat there staring at one of my photos, wanting to process it in black & white but was unable to do so because it just seemed wrong. Happy shooting Wouter!

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