French connection

2009, Photography

French connection by Wouter Brandsma
Today my friends Kevin and Cam from Paris visited my place in Holland. It was such a lovely day talking about life, sharing ideas and thoughts and being occupied with photography.
French connection by Wouter Brandsma
Despite the fall season we had a dry day and we had a walk in the neighboring town of Wageningen. They met my aunt and uncle, tasted Dutch old cheese, and I showed them my favorite locations for landscape photography.
French connection by Wouter Brandsma

French connection by Wouter Brandsma

French connection by Wouter Brandsma

French connection by Wouter Brandsma

French connection by Wouter Brandsma

French connection by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

30 thoughts on “French connection

  1. Always nice to have an informal day with other photographers where the day weaves in and out of taking pictures and talking about things other than cameras. These are the best days and can lead to some of the most interesting images in my experience. And, even if no images come, the days are wonderful.

    1. Absolutely Richard. I got to play with the Oly E-P1, Epson R-D1, Leica M8, and the Ricoh GR Digital II and the original I! And I used one of Kevin’s lenses, an older Nikkor 24 f/2.0, which worked so well on my Canon 10D. But just being together is simply so incredible wonderful, especially since I met them at flickr and a photography forum.

      1. Wouter, judging from yesterday not something I would recommend. Way too many people in a way too small area.
        So I didn’t make it to the Steve McCurry presentation, unfortunately.

        And all those people with big lenses and tripods. Really, they have no clue what they are doing, showing up with that kind of gear on an event like this.

        I only planned to play around a little with the GF1 at the Panasonic stand, but all batteries were already empty , so no working cameras at hand :-/

  2. Hi Wouter

    What were the camera’s in the first photo? I liked photo 5, the young boy (your son?) may of been playing the Wii but he has the expression, focus and pose of an ancient samurai warrior! πŸ™‚

    1. For the first I used the Sigma DP1, ISO 800 with -2.0 EV and processed it in Sigma’s RAW processor with the monochrome white balance. All others, including photo 5 with my son, where with the Canon 10D and a Nikkor 24 f/2.0.

      1. Sorry Wouter, I’ve not been clear in my meaning. I mean’t what are the camera’s being held in the first photo? Also, What did you think to the EP-1?


        1. Cam is holding a Ricoh GR Digital I with the 40mm conversion lens and a 40mm Voigtlander viewfinder. Kevin plays with Cam’s Leica M8.

          My impression of the E-P1 is way too short. I took some shots with a 75mm summilux, but need to wait a couple of days before I know how they look like.

          1. Thanks Wouter. Both cameras look nice to my eyes. I have a GR1. Someday I intend to get the wide angle conversion lens. I regret not buying a GX200 for wide angle shots but this would solve the issue as well as making the camera look cool! πŸ™‚

            Looking forward to you E-P1 impressions.

    1. I guess the sneakers hot was a lucky one. The light was very dim and it was hard to guesstimate the focus point with a moving kid.

      You should have seen the coffee table at the hotel filled with cameras and lenses.

  3. That must have been a lovely day! great shots, Richard is right, even if now images came, those days have high value.

    But, lovely images came, they tell a story and indeed that first shot, to me also, is really great. Two subjects, one story, one common interest.

  4. It’s all in the details, I like the close-ups. I spent my saturday in the Fotomuseum Rotterdam attending a lecture of Ian Jeffrey about his book “How to Read a Photograph”, which is translated into Dutch. It was great to hear this passionated man speak about the history of photography.

  5. Wouter, I REALLY liked this series, you do VERY well with people
    I just worried that I was not strong enough earlier
    As to the Pentax, agreed, I love the results πŸ™‚

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