Autumn seasoning

2009, Photography

I just love the autumn. Different light, different colors, different subtleties and tonalities. This series consists of photographs I took this weekend. With a different camera (a Canon 10D) and completely different focal lengths than usual (either a Soviet Helios 58mm f/2.0 lens or a Pentor 35mm f/2.8) I tried to compose differently too. The narrower view made me focus more on subtle details. In particular the 35mm (56mm equivalent) gives for me a very natural looking view. I might prefer a little wider view, but do love the option of shallow depth of field.
Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

Autumn seasoning by Wouter Brandsma

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

19 thoughts on “Autumn seasoning

  1. I would be really eager to see some of these in color, too. But I know you donΒ΄t like to do it too much… πŸ™‚
    Anyway, these are great! The portrait of your daughter is really nice, and the silouette at the end is incredibly good, also in the post-processing! Perfect!

  2. looking great… looking forward to seeing you next weekend… will bring some wider Nikkors for you to play with… got a 24/2, 28/2.8, 28/3.5 and a 35/2.8 as well as a 50/1.4 and a 105/2.5

    we should have some fun πŸ™‚


  3. I love shot 5 and your daughter looks really happy in shot 4 πŸ™‚ Good capture. Do you find yourself feeling that you ‘stand’ out more with a DSLR? The bigger the camera the more self conscious I feel. I capture details and shot’s with my phone and compact that I wouldn’t take my DSLR out for. This may be because I’m not used to it yet? Not sure but I always struggle when I think people are watching πŸ™‚

    1. It kind of helped for me photographing with the DP1 for a while. That is a camera in my opinion that produces its best results when you are shooting more deliberate. And it helps to keep things simple. One prime lens and the camera in one hand with the neckstrap wrapped around my wrist.

      When you struggle when you think people are watching, than that has more to do with your own comfort zone. Try to make clear that you are a photographer. Show the camera, instead of hiding it.

      1. While I know your right and your advice is sound, I wonder if I would lose my particular style of photo’s if I worked on improving my comfort zone? The kind of photo’s I take of people always seem to be from behind, which is not the sort of shot I would take if I was more confident? I think sometimes it’s us or our equipment’s limitations that make up our style? Mmm not sure myself with this one πŸ˜€ Can I ask, will you still be taking and posting shot’s with your compacts in the future?

        1. As long as the equipment’s limitations are used deliberately and are desired to make up for your style then you are on the right track in my opinion. And I will of course continue to take photographs with my compact camera and post these.

  4. Beautiful tones in these lovely compositions. Each individual shot has its own charms, and as a whole, they make a very satisfying series.

  5. how do you like using the Helios on the 10D? Are you able to focus at infinity with the adapter? I’ve read conflicting comments where some say the lens may interfere with the mirror mechanism? Could you confirm please?

    1. I really like the Helios. It is currently the fastest lens I can use. I do have a Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 too and I am getting an adapter for that lens. If I start using that lens the Helios might end up on the shelf again.

      I can’t yet confirm infirm infinity focusing, but will check it this week and come back to it. I do however mostly plan to shoot with shallow depth of field. If I want huge depth of field then I am perfectly happy with my small sensor camera.

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