Ricoh GW2 brief thoughts

2009, Photography

Zoo by Wouter Brandsma

Last weekend I have been testing the 21mm GW-2 wide lens converter in combination with the GV-1 optical viewfinder. And I was surprised what a great job it did. The quality of the glass is really good.

Morning glory by Wouter Brandsma

The one thing I did noticed is that when I used the GW-2 lens and set the camera to infinity focus with an aperture of f/5.0 that the images had actually very soft background. It was sharp between 1 and 8 meters, but beyond that started to loose sharpness. So probably it is better to use the autofocus for some landscape work.

Morning glory by Wouter Brandsma

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

14 thoughts on “Ricoh GW2 brief thoughts

  1. i love that first shot!!!

    21mm is pretty wide and sometimes it’s difficult to find the space to use it properly. this image really shows where it shines — beautiful!

    1. I agree that 21mm is pretty wide, I mean very wide! But in tight places it can do a pretty good job. Thank you for your comment. I had luck, all of a sudden there was an interaction between my daughter and the Californian Sea Lion.

  2. First shot is a perfect moment.

    I was pleasantly surprised that Panasonic added the 1:1 ratio in the new LX3 update. A feature that will encourage me to try a different style of photography now and then.

  3. The first picture is outstanding Wouter, simply perfect!

    The third picture is also very good and I like the noise in it and harsher contrast compared to your GX100/200 landscapes.

    1. Thanks Cristian. To be fair and honest. I can do exactly the same thing with the GX100/GX200 for the landscape photograph. I precessed the image very flat in Lightroom and than took the image to Silver Efex Pro.

    1. I tried the Sigma 28mm viewfinder, but thought it was difficult to match the same focal length. The new firmware that will eventually be released, could resolve this (it will remember the last focal length). I personally think that the 28/35mm Voigtlander viewfinder is better.

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