16 thoughts on “Street

  1. Although I like to shoot all kinds stuff, at the end of the day street photography is my favorite. Very challenging, but if it turns out right, it’s very rewarding.

    1. Like you I find street photography the most rewarding. It is more challenging and I am never sure how things will go. Sometimes you walk down the streets and don’t come home with any photographs, while at other times I can really have a blast.

    1. I am trying the best I can.

      Today I discussed city life and country life with someone and he mentioned that city life is more diverse. In the city you will often find more interesting people which is sincerely missed in small town like where I live.

  2. Thats a really great set of photos! They work well together. I can never take pictures of people on the street and am impressed you can do it so well.

  3. What a stellar set of photos, Wouter!!! You’ve obviously captured the Maggie vote with this last set! Heheheh!

    The extreme crop of the Amstel shot was risky, but I think it paid off well.

  4. I like all of these Wouter – very nice work. I do agree the Amstel shot is very nice and I really like the action of the conversation taking place on the bench with the hand gestures. You couldn’t have done a better job if you were directing them on a set to – “make sure you look like your having an animated conversation”. πŸ™‚

      1. Yes I have mentioned the M9!! She said you should buy one if that is what I like. But I did not mention the price for which I am sure I would be shut down immediately upon her finding out it’s cost πŸ˜‰ oh Wouter I think I am having equipment lust. I keep thinking about this M9 camera. Maybe it will pass with time, but I have at least stopped reading about it so as to make the dreams go away hahaha.
        You should go to the camera store and see if you can play with one and report back to me. I doubt there is anywhere near where I live that would even have one available. But if you happened to see one maybe you could like hold it and see if maybe it really sucks and it is a horrible camera and I should never have to think about it again πŸ˜‰
        I hope you are having a great week. – John

        1. I handled one, but only handled for a short while, a M8.2 last year at photokina. You will miss the large grip, the dark viewfinder, and loud shutter of your gorgeous SLR camera. The lovely plastic feel, the fast auto focus. You will miss every moment when someone hears your shutter or notices your SLR being pointed at them. You will hate such a camera for its simplicity and the fact that it makes you aware that a camera is just a tool πŸ˜€

          But instead of the M9 have you considered the M8 or M8.2. Their prices seem to be quite interesting nowadays. One camera, one lens. Magic….

          Have a great week too John πŸ˜€ LOL

          1. haha – nice!! You had me for a second. I was falling prey to the words and was like yeah I don’t want a M series. What the hell was I thinking πŸ˜‰ Thank you for trying though. Oh this could be bad – The last time I got like this was when I held my first K1000. The bad part is I have not even seen this camera in person. I am afraid to see it in person as I might do something rash and financially irriseponsible hahah …

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