Be suprised

2009, Photography

This is the first series of photographs I post that were taken with the Ricoh GR Digital III, an absolute cult camera from Japan. And unlike my usual stuff I went for color.
Be surpised by Wouter Brandsma
The photographs from the GRDIII certainly handle differently from those from the GX200 and the lens is so much more contrasty and sharper. What I like best so far is the very fast lens with a maximum opening of  f/1.9 and how the body feels in the hand. While the Panasonic LX3 and the Sigma DP1 are slippery in my opinion, does the GRDIII have this wonderful finish as a result of the magnesium body.
Be surpised by Wouter Brandsma
And almost every button can be reassigned. For manual mode I prefer the up-down dial in front of shutter-release button for changing the shutter speed and the adjustment lever on the back for the aperture changes. By default it is the other way around, but the camera allows this to be changed. Very nice!
Be surpised by Wouter Brandsma
Now I can’t compare this camera with any other Ricoh GR Digital. I can only compare it with the original GR1. I picked up the GX100 in 2007, even tough my gut feeling told me to get the GR Digital I. I now realize it was stupid to even consider rational thoughts in my decision making. I really love using the GRDIII, it is a very intriguing and beautiful camera, and I absolutely not look forward to the moment that I have to return the camera.
Be surpised by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

And I have another surprise (and it has to do with a manual focusing camera and a totally new one, see page 42).

22 thoughts on “Be suprised

  1. I’ve had the GRD3 for over a week now and I absolutely love it! As you say it is very customizable and easy to change settings. I’ve been tweaking the customization to make a very quick to use camera under varying circumstances. My favorite two things are that I can click and hold the up button while rotating the front dial to change the snap focus distance, and when in Manual mode you can click the exposure adjustment top button and the camera will jump to an Aperture priority exposure from which I can then adjust as preferred. Very cool.

    The thing is, this camera adds “features,” but most of them are ways to adjust the basics. It becomes a very fluid, manual camera.

    You should start a fund so that your loyal readers can contribute to your GRD3 fund : ) I’d love to see more of your work with it.

    1. So many people can create completely different cameras. I use the Fn1 button to switch between AF and snap focus (2.5 meters) and the Fn2 button to switch to manual focusing.

      LOL, funding me. Seriously though, not too long I made a remark about that donation rambling at TOP and Ren Kockwell. It is not my thing. I love it when my loyal readers keep coming back to me, discussing things concerning photography and anything else for that matter.

      After this night I would like to see Leica supplying me a X1 😀

      Have fun with your GRD3!

  2. Great shots. The second and the last one is my favorites here. Like the seconds message, and the last is a very nice abstract.

    And the GR3 seems to be a very nice camera. Perhaps it´s the one that replaces my old Oly 7070 wich is a great camera but isen´t very pocket friendly 🙂

    1. Thank you Jörgen. Yes, the message was great and reminded me of a dpreview talk discussion I had today.

      The 7070 might not be pocketable, but sure is a great camera in my opinion. I think it is one of the last truly excellent Olympus cameras, and I consider the last to be the C8080.

  3. The GR III seems like an impressive camera from what I have read here and there on the Internet. I see that has it for USD799. I didn’t know it was quite that expensive; thinking more along the lines of USD599.

  4. Glad to see you got your GRD III sample Wouter and you certainly put it to great use already. I always said you should try the GRDs because they would suit your style very well.

    I really like your first set of pictures with it, the processing you’ve done is very good as way the decision to keep it in color.

    1. I think this camera is absolutely worth the price, but it is a rather high price. But yes, I would love to work with this camera as a replacement for my GX200. The quality is definitely high above the GX200.

  5. Wow the colors are fantastic Wouter. Did you do much processing to them? I am surprised to see so much color on your blog lately 😉 These shots of wall art are fantastic. Thank you for writing about these types of cameras such as the Ricoh. I do not know much about this format and it is very interesting to me. John

  6. before you think i’m barking, did you not say to look at page 42 of the link? that’s what was there — an M7. poof!!!

    1. At page 42 you can see the M9 (manual focusing) and the X1 (the totally new one). I know you’re not barking. I posted this folder last Saturday when everything were just rumors. And both the M9 and the X1 were the speculated cameras.

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