2009, Photography

I am pretty much finishing my last photographs from the visit to the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam where I had to the change to try several cameras (again Björn, many thanks). These last photographs were all taken with the Panasonic GH1 which I now consider a pretty impressive camera. And this camera could be really nice with the new Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens.

The most important reason why I wanted to finish this, is because the Ricoh GRDIII test sample has arrived. No photographs yet, but my first impressions are very positive. The finish is superb and the camera feels great in the hand, also as a result of the magnesium body (just like my Ricoh GR1). And this camera is quiet. What an incredible performance when I compare it with my Ricoh GX200. The finish, the lens, the customizing, I do understand why there is a huge demand for this camera in Japan.

NDSM Wharf Amsterdam by Wouter Brandsma

NDSM Wharf Amsterdam by Wouter Brandsma

NDSM Wharf Amsterdam by Wouter Brandsma

NDSM Wharf Amsterdam by Wouter Brandsma

NDSM Wharf Amsterdam by Wouter Brandsma

NDSM Wharf Amsterdam by Wouter Brandsma

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

16 thoughts on “Contrast

    1. I will try, but my impressions won’t deal with the usual brick walls, ISO comparisons, and any scientific tests 😀
      I happen to consider a camera a tool for photography and will use it accordingly 😉

  1. Funny enough, my last vacation in Norway (just returned from it on monday) was seeing me to use both the GH1 and the GRDII for photography. I got the GH1 especially for this trip due to it’s nice lense – I was going along the coast of norway in a postal service ship, so my usual “don’t zoom, walk” approach wouldn’t work that great – the crew on board usually gets nervous if they hear splashing noises outside the ship and a passenger goes missing 😉

    The GH1 held up lovely for everything I threw at her, it’s really a very nice camera and the handling is very much the way I like it. I too await the 20/1.7 for it – it will make a great combination. I’m undecided yet if the coming GF1 would make a nice secondary body, or if I just stick to my pana+ricoh combination. But if the GF1 really uses most of the G1/GH1 technology as the first previews indicate, it might come very close to what I would like in a more compact body (allthough the GH1 isn’t that big either).

    The GRDII was my allways-with-me camera and so did get quite some use, too – about 500 from the 1600 pictures were done with the Ricoh. So I too am quite interested of your impressions of the GRDIII, especially in comparison with the older GRDs.

    1. The GH1 and the GRD makes a nice couple, especially when you would get the 20mm lens. But in my opinion is taking that trip along the Norwegian coast a much better choice 😀

      I wish I could compare the GRDIII with any other GRD, but this is the first digital GR camera I have used/am using. But I make a lousy job at comparing anyway. What matters to me, might not be important for others.

          1. No worries there. I am much more interested in your impressions of using it as a photographic tool than anything else. Pixel peeping is pointless with point-and-shoot cameras anyway.

            1. And I thought pixel peeping was useless anyway. 50% is better, because that will give some impression of how a print could look like in terms of (grain) noise and sharpness.

  2. Hi Wouter, I really like your contrast series. These are some really nice shots of the ordinary – extraordinary. I am catching up on my blogging and I see you have been busy indeed posting. 😉

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