Mowing and chewing

Cows mowing and chewing by Wouter Brandsma
OK, I am no professional photographer and have no (immediate) intentions to be so. Now that is fine with me. No pretentions, I am not an authority, I just share my thoughts with you and I love the contact with other (likewise) photographers. That is the big deal for me. And I don’t bug you with ‘make a donation’ buttons like he and he does.
Cows mowing and chewing by Wouter Brandsma
Oh yeah, I ramble sometimes about gear, but I can’t give a sh@#t about a button here or a new menu feature there. It is all about pictures for me. Men talk about gear and how gear (might) improve their photography, women make photographs and don’t brag about it. I mean, check out Nathalie’s blog. She doesn’t write about new cameras, but instead makes the viewer smile with her great stories and wonderful photographs.
Cows mowing and chewing by Wouter Brandsma
I have been pretty active at several photography related forums, and some forums were really filled with great photographs. Somehow though they all end with pure gear related topics (mostly men) after some time. And men? They take pictures of their food and upload it to Flickr! Why? To chew and to tell their wifes that they need better equipment.
Cows mowing and chewing by Wouter Brandsma
So therefore I thought some photographs of cows were justified to post here, since they are so much better at mowing and chewing than we are. That is my plug.
Cows mowing and chewing by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

And I won’t forget my male signature this time.

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