2009, Photography

I am taking a break from the blogging hemisphere, not too long, but noticably anyway. But cool things are ahead for next month. I will have two meetings with Rui Fernandes aka ▪▫■ □ rui □ ■▫▪, a very inspiring and talented photographer from Portugal, and Björn Utpott, Canadian architect living in the Netherlands and contributor for, in Amsterdam. And I will be able to review a sample of the soon to be announced Ricoh GR Digital III.
Lone tree by Wouter Brandsma
Photograph by Wouter Brandsma


20 thoughts on “Break

  1. Just chanced by your blog.
    Enjoy your break, and meanwhile, I will be exploring more of your work:)
    Nice shot. The clouds seem uncommonly heavy and voluminous.
    (Initially I hadn’t read the post copy, and I imagined the ‘break’ in the title signified the break in the clouds shot here!)

  2. Have a good break, Wouter.

    And thanks for (unknowingly) helping me choose the GX100 as my one and only camera. I love it 🙂

  3. Awesome that you’re gonna review that GRd III. I’m very curious about it… it seems more interesting to me than the E-P1 or even the DP2.

  4. Hello Wouter,

    good luck and success by having a break. I am too very interesting what do you have to say about the new Ricoh.

    All the best, titus

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