Weekend thoughts

The first buzz of Olympus E-P1 has settled after nearly a week and it seems that quite a lot of my contacts are considering this camera. But would I consider it too? I have followed the on-going rumors and excitement the last few weeks with great interest and I think it is great that a manufacturer finally has the balls to develop such a camera. And I can only hope more will follow.
Until here
I think the E-P1 is an interesting concept and I personally like the form factor. I do however think that the camera looks a bit like a gimmick. Either shiny silver or white (?). I don’t get it. Why develop a small unobtrusive camera with interchangeable lenses when the coloring can easily be noticed? Why not use the same finish as with the dSLR’s from Olympus, black and ruggid.

Olympus admitted they use in-camera distortion correction to develop small lenses. And yes, the 17mm f/2.8 prime does look small. But after seeing some first photographs from this lens I am not really excited. I have seen photographs with strange looking square formatted patterns in the blurred backgrounds. Quite unnatural and very unpleasent. I have tried some RAW photographs from the E-P1 too and I was able to open them in Lightzone. They all opened way too dark and increasing the exposure in post processing resulted in more noise. Strange and I wonder what Olympus will apply in their RAW processor (or demand from other software developers) to handle their RAW photographs.

But in the between all the topics of gearheads and the bashing and trashing of cameras I have come to the conclusion that I haven’t been able to photograph this week. Thankfully the weekend started and tomorrow I will go to the North Sea beach. The beach is always a great place for photographic opportunities in my opinion. And since I decided to take the Sigma DP1 with me I thought it was appropriate to post some recent photographs taken with my, not forgotten, Ricoh GX200.
Wait Ici
In the end however the gear doesn’t matter to me, photographs do.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

Update June 20, 2009
Also RAW Therapee is able to open the RAW photographs from the E-P1 and seems to do a much better job in my opinion.