Ricoh GX200 return

2009, Photography

Ricoh GX200 return by Wouter Brandsma
After such a lengthly time using the Sigma DP1 I thought it was a good time to return to my Ricoh GX200. In particular since I receive more questions about the Ricoh GX200 and a possible successor.
Ricoh GX200 return by Wouter Brandsma
The Ricoh GX200 remains a great camera, despite the smaller sensor. I can only hope Ricoh paid a lot of attention to what people suggested for the GX300 on the many forums and blogs.
Ricoh GX200 return by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

6 thoughts on “Ricoh GX200 return

  1. Hi Wouter,
    enjoy your blog & photos very much…GX200 looks to give great results !

    I’m enjoying my new Ricoh CX1, and do wonder how different from the 200 the GX300 may be, when it sees the light of day. Can’t help thinking, though, that a great photographer will obtain great results from whatever camera they have at the time … being there (with a decent camera !) at the right time is what really counts.

    All the best,
    Nick (Ricoh CX1 Imaging) (Ricoh CX1 galleries, etc)

    1. Thank you Nick for your comment. I agree, when the camera is good enough for the photographer, he or she will always be able to take great photographs.

      I think the CX1 shows some features of the new GX300 in my opinion. Although I can hope that the sensor will be larger, I won’t be suprised that it will have a Sony CMOS sensor. So, it will benefit from the somewhat larger dynamic range too.

      And I added your blog to my blogroll.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Nathalie. I have been busy with too little time to photograph, but I feel fine. I hope everything is fine with you too.


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