Ricoh R10 diary – day 3

2009, Photography

I finished my part of the project for the Ricoh around the globe project. Today’s weather wasn’t any good, but I was glad that Saturday evening was very good.
This morning I spent some time choosing the other photographs and did some little in-camera editing.
These photographs and the two I posted in the previous post have become my final selection. I posted the photographs in full resolution to my flickr stream and uploaded all photographs from the card to a ftp-server. I recharged the battery and the camera will leave for Germany tomorrow.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

7 thoughts on “Ricoh R10 diary – day 3

    1. It was fun and I look forward to the end result when the camera is returned at the end of the year. It was rewarding, because I had fun.

      I hope everything is fine with you.

  1. The challenge of using images straight out of camera is very appealing. Having recently discovered the GR Digital III and GX100 I’ve been exploring Ricoh’s other compact range, and was looking at the R10. Might be fun to pick one up cheap. But of course I could do the same “project” myself with either of the two cameras I already have. Would be quite refreshing to bypass LightRoom and any post processing entirely. Like shooting film!

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