Ricoh R10 diary – day 2

2009, Photography

I went to the Flevopolder in the province of Flevoland in the Netherlands today. Flevoland is the youngest province and this land is completely handmade. It is all reclaimed land from a former sea. Although the theme for the Ricoh around the globe project is completely free, Ricoh would have hoped for a more ecological/environmental theme. With that in mind I went to some location were I could find giant wind mills.
The thing that is not so easy for this project, is that all the photographs may not be post-processed on a computer. Only some in-camera editing is allowed which is pretty basic with some white balance and level compensation. The most important decision today was to go for color or black and white? After some photographs I figured out I wanted to do black and white. Although the original photographs did look quite flat, because you can’t set additional contrast in-camera when the B&W setting is selected, some level compensation afterwards helped to make the photographs look the way I wanted too.

Tomorrow I will do my final selection of the photographs and I hope to be able to sent the camera to Germany next Monday.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


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