The Valley

2009, Photography

I live in an area named the “Gelderse Vallei”, a valley between a major hillside in the province of Utrecht to the west and hills of the Veluwe on the east in West-Gelderland. These hills, just ripples of some 40 to 60 meters high, are reminants of the Glacial Ice Age. The beauty of this land for me is the valley bog, the man digged river Valleikanaal, and the farm land.
The Valley by Wouter Brandsma
This area is surrounded by some larger cities including my hometown. Thankfully many efforts are being done to save this area from further urbanization.
The Valley by Wouter Brandsma
For a few hundred years this land served as agricultural land, but since the last few years more land is being returned to nature. It gives home to more birds, insects and plants.
The Valley by Wouter Brandsma
The area also has a recreational purpose for the people like fishing, hiking and biking.
The Valley by Wouter Brandsma
And some of the dairies and pig farms are so beautifully located.
The Valley by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

8 thoughts on “The Valley

    1. Tidy, that is the word. I might use that as a subject for a photography project. Oh yeah, you live in one of the best organized countries in the world where people think they can live unorganized. You won’t get booted out of Gelderland! The people are too peaceful for that. Violence is more an American thing 😀

  1. I live in a country where most seem to believe that if the land is paved over or otherwise developed it is simply going to waste.

    I’m glad to read that this mentality doesn’t exist everywhere.

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