2009, Photography

Some might already have noticed a shift in the subjects of my photography. Less landscape, less street, more personal matters. Why, maybe my landscape photographs where an escape for me. In fact, I believe it was an escape. But there is no reason to escape for me. The worries for my son are real and will always be there. Coping with the situation and learning to express myself is maybe more important for me, certainly now.

As a result I am trying new things to process my photographs. Deeper and darker shadows, less tonalities and subtleties. A bit harsher and rougher. For me Lightroom was not really suitable for that job so I returned to Photoshop, my previous workhorse and darkroom.

It all feels like a journey for me and I don’t try to think about where it will lead me in photography. Despite the burden and emotional difficulties I am proud of my kids and wife.
The Burden by Wouter Brandsma
9: 06 AM.
9:06 by Wouter Brandsma
A shadow tries to get out of my frame. And I loved the fact that fellow blogger, Cristian Sorega, was inspired by my shadow photographs.
Out of frame by Wouter Brandsma
My hand tries to capture the light, I try to capture my hand capturing light. A recent photograph from my friend James Tolbert jr inspired me to convert his photo to a B&W version. He posted about it on his blog. Thanks man!
Capture light by Wouter Brandsma
Lindsay, my daughter.
Our little girl by Wouter Brandsma
My family had great fun while my daughter hugged and tickled her bigger brother.
Family fun by Wouter Brandsma
Family fun and our dog claims his attention too.
My family by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


22 thoughts on “Changes

  1. There are many things to achieve in life,

    but being proud of your family is one of he biggest ones, hard, maybe sometimes without praise.

    In the end, it is family, memories and love that no one can take away from you!

  2. Great post Wouter, and thanks for sharing. I love the pictures. In a similar vein, I used to grumble that because of family responsibilities I could not get out enough to photograph. But I’ve changed and the family has become a focus of my work in a documentary sort of style. I’m working on capturing everyday family life in a photojournalistic sort of way and everyone loves it. The pictures have stories behind them rather than just being a beautiful image, and late in the game I’m learning that there is a real reward in this.

    I know the responsibilities are challenging, but you seem to have a rich family circle. Your pictures capture the story in a beautiful loving respectful way.

    1. In our lives are stories to be told. Stories about the essence of life, pure, simple, and yet so complex. These are the moments, moments to be treasured. See burn magazine for instance. For me the strongest photographs and essays on that website are those about families.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences Andrew.

  3. Life is about shifting, changing, adaption…and so should our photography. We are all here with you my friend.

    Thank for the plug. 🙂

  4. I like the way James put it…photography, like life, is about change and adapting. I’m quite happy to see the personal side to your photographs. You have always spoken so eloquently about life through pictures, but landscapes aren’t life. Just a part of it.

    I think it’s a wonderful new direction, even if it’s only temporary.

    Rock on Wouter!

  5. Great post, great pictures, and great family.

    As I photograph certain subjects over time, I see greater and greater beauty in them. I find it as true with my family as with anything else. Great post, you and your wife are doing a great job. You have concern and love for your kids and really, that is what is important.

  6. What A Beautiful Series and ALL that it Evokes.
    You are Truly Blessed….

    I have no Family cept my Dear Husband Eric so Your Thoughts & Pics
    brought Tears to my Eyes of Memories Past & growing up as a Child

    1. Oh, please don’t cry Helen. It means a lot to me that these photographs reminds you of your own memories. So many thanks. When we can share our love, care and thoughts with others then we are all blessed.

  7. Wonderful series Wouter.

    As I’m sure you know, with autism early intervention can make a dramatic difference. I have had worries about my older son, and I think some of the things we did with him (speech therapy, early school) were very helpful.

    This year my worries have gone to the opposite generation as my dad is facing health problems. Best wishes for you and your beautiful family this Easter.

    1. I agree with you about the early intervention. At younger age, the therapies are mostly oriented at the parents and the family care. Structuring life and recognizing behaviors and how to deal with it. At the age of nine or ten we can finally start personal therapy for him. Though probably we have to search for it ourselves. Health care is often directed towards the cure and not the care. I admire the States now for their new federal legislation to offer families annual support. I hope more states will accept this new legislation.

      I wish you all best with your father. Take good care and still enjoy this Easter.

  8. Wouter, this is your best work so far, very intimate but at the same time very powerfull.
    I think it was a good choice to use harsher tones and go back to Photoshop, it gives the pictures what they need.

  9. wouter many good comments here, if i may add: your work is extremely HONEST and SINCERE..never a trace of pretension there. i see your blog as an intimate form of DIARY and i think it is simply wonderful. i also love your healthy level of self doubt and criticism which comes across your posts from time to time. these are all indication of a good man and a true artist…the rest is stupid details anyway…

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