Some more scanning

2009, Photography

I did some more scanning of older slides and converted these in Lightroom. Still not the sharpest scans, but they look fine to me for the purpose on showing on my blog. The weather hasn’t been really helpfull either this week to go out and take photographs.

These slides were taken with my Ricoh GR1 on Fujifilm Sensia 100 and I actually used my digital camera to capture. They were made in 2000 in Norway when I traveled from Olso to Bergen for a week.

My intention was to do some extensive hiking in the Geilo area, just north of Hardangervidda.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
During the winterseason it is a popular ski destination, but in June it is very quiet.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
But the landscape is stunning with nicely curved mountains and beautiful lakes, like the Ustedalsfjorden.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
After a couple of days I took the train to the city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
At the trainstation I already saw more people then I had seen in Geilo in four days.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
Bergen is a fantastic city with a beautifully located harbour.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
Some young sailors let there shoes been polished before leaving the town.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
While a woman photographs a moose head in Bryggen, the old center of Bergen.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
Unfortunately Bergen is just like the west coast of Canada. Most of the time it rains and when I visited the city it was no exception.
Norway by Wouter Brandsma
All photographs by Wouter Brandsma


12 thoughts on “Some more scanning

    1. I actually used a different method. I used a plastic tube and attached the slide at the end. I used the screen of the notebook as bright background and focused on the slide. It worked quite well, but I still need to find the best distance for optimum sharpness. The only result of the tube is some vignetting, but I personally don’t mind that.

  1. Great pictures Wouter! Makes me want to travel again. I like #2 and 4 the best; must appeal to that traveling bug in me or something. I don’t like these “long” stretches without seeing your pictures for a few days ; )

    I can’t decide myself whether or not to pursue film in more of my shooting. For B&W work I think it handles tones better than digital, plus there’s something else there. But, it requires a little more effort and cost.

    1. Thank you Andrew. I personally don’t like the additional cost of film either. But I do honestly believe that shooting film is still very pure. No chance to review your photos, more carefull exposuring. And I agree about the tones. I love the deep blacks and the subtle transition to the brighter tones.

      I haven’t been traveling myself for so long. Family life takes up a lot of time. Reviewing these photos was great and good fun though.

  2. Dag Wouter! I like the first one the best! It almost seems as if you had used a TS lens. Those sailors look like skinheads. Except for one who looks rather preppy!

    How about a vacation in the sun for a change? You Northern dudes! it’s gray all the time where you live, then you go on vacation where it’s even grayer! How about Italy or the South of France, eh?

    1. The TS effect was more the effect of photographing the slides. But I thought it looked quite good. And those skindheads were Russian sailors.

      I would love the warmth of Southern Europe, Nathalie. But hey, somebody got to pay it too. Life is all about priorities. And I had very good weather during that week except for Bergen and the last day in Oslo.

  3. A beautiful series Wouter. The lake picture is the sort that makes me want to visit such a place.

    You know….I’d love to see you photograph the process by which you scanned these images. A sort of “how to” series would be interesting.

    1. Thank you Mark. And I might write about this process, but I still need to perfect it. And don’t expect big prints from this process either, then you really need a good scanner.

    1. These photos (converted slides as a matter of fact) were taken in 2000. It was during a photographic break that I decided to scan these. I found some new inspiration though for photography. See my latest post.

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