8 thoughts on “Transform by Zack Arias

    1. Thank you for sharing your vision, your doubts, and personal insights Zack. And thank you for visiting my blog too. It must be something to get over 10,000 visits and over 300 comments because of a single film. Respect.

  1. That was pretty….well….weird. Insightful, but weird. I never would imagine a person who makes their living from behind the camera would have such self-doubts, especially such powerful ones.

    I wonder if it is the price one pays for making a living at it?

    1. Photography is about expression and expression is personal. And persons do doubt. I believe you do so too Mark. No exceptions when people are successful at what they are doing.

      We often doubt about making choices and more often doubt about the choices being made. It is the price of being human, or at least I hope so…

  2. I know I have doubts about the pictures I take. I just assumed that when ones makes the jump to photography as a profession, one suddenly becomes confident and secure with one’s own work.

    Not that doubt can’t come round and rear its ugly head, but that it would be rare and short-lived.

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