Around Köln HBF

How to name a city? To this moment I always named this city Cologne on my blog, the English name of this city along the river Rhine in Germany. The Dutch naming is Keulen, that is pronounced the same as Köln or Koeln in German. Until 1919 the city was also known as Cöln, in the Middle Age Colonia Agrippina or Coellen (or even Kölle), and during the Roman Empire it was called oppidum ubiorum and later Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium. Cologne is the fourth largest city of Germany, and the largest city of Nordrhein-Westfalen. It is a city with 2,000 years of history, but most importantly it is the host city of photokina.

After the photokina show in Köln Deutz on the west bank of the city I walked to Köln Hauptbahnhof, the main trainstation, near the famous Dome on the other site of the river Rhine. From the main entrance of the station, along the Bahnhofsvorplatz, there is a clear view of the Dome of Cologne.

Since I had still some time left I planned on photographing the area around the Central Station and the Dome.

This place was full with foreigners, mostly Japanese, who had attended the show.

Some were loaded with cameras, like this Japanese photographer. He was in such a hurry to pack his camera in a tiny bag. He just didn’t notice me making photographs 1.5 meters from him.

But the photographers were not all Japanese. These quys were trying to frame the Dome with the widest angle lens they got.

Many people relaxed on the stairs south of the Dome, enjoying the crowd in front of the Central Station, or just fooling around with their mobile phones.

Underneath the station there was still a lot of crowd coming from the Johannisstrasse.

At the station some were in a hurry to catch their train. Must be pretty hard with that luggage.

Waiting on platform 4 for my train to arrive from Frankfurt.

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

I like to thank everyone for checking out my blog and reading the previous post about the photokina show. And I hope many are not disappointed with the photograph.