Monthly Archive: September, 2008

Around Köln HBF

How to name a city? To this moment I always named this city Cologne on my blog, the English name of this city along the river Rhine in Germany. The Dutch naming is… Continue reading

Photokina 2008

People gathering at the south entrance prior to the opening of the show It was crowded at photokina 2008, I mean really crowded. Especially Canon had large amounts of visitors. Most of them… Continue reading

Market Garden

Sunday, 17 September 1944 The 4th Parachute Regiment of the 1st British Airborne Division landed without major incident on the Ginkel Heath just east of Ede with C-47 Dakota’s, CG-4A Waco gliders, Airspeed… Continue reading

Starum, Staveren (Stavoren)

Three different names for only place in the Northern Province of Fryslân (Friesland), the Netherlands. Starum and Staveren (though the latter is hardly used anymore) are both in the Frisian language. Frisian is… Continue reading

From the Left

I start liking the jpegs of the GX200. They look better and have more bite than the RAW files. Processing the jpegs is easier too. In Lightroom I increase the blacks for darker… Continue reading