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What’s in my bag

Admitted, this is not my typical blog post. Normally Japan Camera Hunter is known for his ‘In your bag‘ posts and recently Ming Thein covered what he was using now. Unlike many bags… Continue reading


Almost two weeks passed by since I mentioned that much in my personal life – work related – would change. Knowing that in a year, at most two, I need a new job… Continue reading


We learn, we live. We fail, we evolve. We proceed, we evaluate. We feel, we gain. Between the logic there is a light and among us is a lot to share and learn… Continue reading

It takes two……

It takes two days, weeks, months, etc. to realize what you want to do. It takes a breath…..or two, to not always be judgmental and opinionated. It takes two years or decades to… Continue reading

There is nothing in the fridge

“There is so much in the fridge, but I don’t know what to eat.” There are so many interesting subjects to photograph, but they currently don’t inspire me. I wanted to refuel it… Continue reading