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Often we all have different expectations, sometimes even none. The thing is it to see beyond these expectations. Last week I read a blog post on LensWork Daily commenting the “use” of grain… Continue reading


In December I promised myself to not immediately ingest and edit my photographs. To let it “marinate” for a while. For the sake of more conscious editing and objectivity. Sound advice, sounds logical… Continue reading


I haven’t vanished. I haven’t stop blogging. And I haven’t stop photographing. When I started this year I was certain that I wasn’t going to work with a new years resolution. My photography… Continue reading


I have been sick during the Christmas days and seriously had no time to come up with a look back at the year 2013. No list with my favorite photographs, no list with… Continue reading

Time helps

I can drive 80 km/h, look down deep, but it helps to take time. Time to breath, to think, to rest, to continue. After my previous post I gave it some extra thoughts… Continue reading