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Week 1 | 2014

All photographs by Wouter Brandsma

I have been

I have been very distracted by many things recently. When I turned 41 I heard that I will definitely lose my job April 1 next year (no joke). My grandfather passed away and… Continue reading


It took me a while, but today feels like it is time for a short Sunday rant. My motive for writing this short rant is a long twitter conversation my pal Jorge Ledesma… Continue reading


No, I’m not gone. I didn’t quit my blog and I certainly didn’t stop photographing. At times though there are just some things in life that take up so much time and energy.… Continue reading


Often we all have different expectations, sometimes even none. The thing is it to see beyond these expectations. Last week I read a blog post on LensWork Daily commenting the “use” of grain… Continue reading