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We learn, we live. We fail, we evolve. We proceed, we evaluate. We feel, we gain. Between the logic there is a light and among us is a lot to share and learn… Continue reading

It takes two……

It takes two days, weeks, months, etc. to realize what you want to do. It takes a breath…..or two, to not always be judgmental and opinionated. It takes two years or decades to… Continue reading

There is nothing in the fridge

“There is so much in the fridge, but I don’t know what to eat.” There are so many interesting subjects to photograph, but they currently don’t inspire me. I wanted to refuel it… Continue reading

I am not gone

I am not gone, but I abruptly decided to quite for a while. The last few months were very stressful with lots of tight deadlines, both in my work and my photography. I… Continue reading

My Ricoh GR impressions

As a predominantly small sensor photographer, preferring the sketchy look, I have consciously and consistently stayed away from large sensor cameras. For a long while my Panasonic GF1 was what I considered the… Continue reading